WATCH: PS4 and Xbox One mashed together to create a ‘laptop’


Now this is some impressive hacking. YouTuber Eddie Zarick has managed to take both of the major consoles and combine them as some sort of godless chimera to create what he called the “PlayBox” laptop.

With a built in 22″ screen, the ‘laptop’ (which we’d guess isn’t very comfortable to play with it rest on your knees) only requires one power chord, and has a button on the back to switch between PS4 and Xbox One. As you might imagine, it isn’t completely integrated – with, say, a single Blu-Ray drive or network socket – as the laptop doubles up on everything else, with two ethernet ports, two disc drives and two sets of USB sockets, and so on.

Still, if you ever wanted to play both Halo and The Last Of Us whilst on the train… now you can.

James O’Malley
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