Samsung patent smelly scented smartphone

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perfume_phone.jpgDoes your phone stink as bad as you do? Some of you might find yourselves saying, “Yeah we both reek pretty badly!” others might say “No way I keep my phone in my bag, and we’re both clean as a whistle!” Either way despite however clean you believe you might be a recent study claimed that a mobile phone can harbor eighteen times more bacteria than a toilet handle. This could be the answer to why some people might find that their phone smells bad. I digress.

What’s for certain is that everyone likes a sweet smell. Regardless of if their phone smells fine or if it smells like its been fished out of a hot festival portaloo, phone perfume is exactly what Samsung are proposing.

The new patent application presents a cell phone which has the feature of being able to discharge perfume. The diagram shows a cavity in the phone where a material carrying the scent will fit. The scent will recharge as the phone does too.

Perhaps Samsung are onto an untapped market here? Of course it does appear almost like a gimmick, but considering how increasingly attached we are becoming to our mobile phones these days, they are virtually an extension of our bodies; so why shouldn’t they smell good too?

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