Wanna block Nickelback from the web? There's an app for that



Hate Nickelback? Sure you do, doesn’t everyone!? Want to stop Chad Kroeger’s bedgraggled lion’s mane and his stonewash-jean wearing cock-rock cronies from ever defiling your PC monitor again by popping up unexpectedly on webpages and search results? Of course!

Well know you can, thanks to the “NickelBlock” app from the team over at music blog Aux.com.

Download the free service, and a clever bit of coding from the Aux team removes any trace of the band from the web while you’re surfing.

A fifteen year career and seven studio albums may have lined the band’s pockets, but Nickelback have still managed to build up quite a cultish following of those who hate them too. A survey at Tastebuds.fm, a dating site that matches people based on their musical preferences, saw the Canadian rockers considered the biggest turn offs in music, picking up 13% of the vote ahead of Lady Gaga and Coldplay.

Just earlier this month, a massive 50,000 signature-strong petition saw Detroit Lions NFL fans pleading that Nickelback be pulled from their planned slot as the halftime entertainment during the Thanksgiving game show.

Click here to grab NickelBlock.

Gerald Lynch
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