POLL: LG Optimus 3D smartphone gets priced, but can you afford it?


Few phones attracted more buzz at MWC 2011 this week than LG’s Optimus 3D phone. With its dual-camera lenses capable of recording 3D video, autosteroscopic parralax barrier screen and dual-core credentials, it was a mighty phone on show from the Korean tech titans.

However, it looks set to burn a mighty hole in your wallet too, as the first pre-order details are starting to trickle in. Expansys are the first to lay a price down for the phone, a whopping £514.99 should you want one by April 25th. That’s five pound more than even the already-too-expensive Apple iPhone 4.

So, is it worth all that dough to be able to get a little more depth from your phone screen? let us know in the poll below.

Via: Recombu

Gerald Lynch
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