Google Maps for Mobile gets Street View and walking directions


google_maps_3d_street_view.pngGoogle has updated its Maps for Mobile service, bringing 3D Street View to Java-enabled phones, as well as offering walking directions to any destination.

It has also included more information on destinations, including the ability to read reviews of a business.

This addition makes Maps a much more useful service where, arguably, you need it the most — on the move. Walking directions are great in the inner city where driving just isn’t practical, and when London has been fully “Street View-ised” we should be able to enjoy the same 3D views as those in lager US cities do.

Unfortunately, iPhone users hopeful to get their hands on the added functionality will have to wait their turn. Google has promised that it is working on versions of Maps for other platforms, but currently it’s restricted to the BlackBerry and those phones with Java. That’s a lot of mobiles, but not the iPhone.

Google Mobile Blog (via Pocket Picks)

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