Saga Zone: Facebook for fifty-somethings launches


saga_zone.gifBased on new statistics from Ofcom suggesting that “silver surfers” are spending more time online, age-friendly consumer and lifestyle company Saga has set up “Saga Zone”, a chip-off-the-young-and-trendy-block Facebook.

According to Saga, over 50s are at the heart of the Internet social networking revolution. That alone is enough to cause lots of children and grandchildren to reel uncomfortably at the though of “oldies” getting onto Facebook, so it’s just as well the Saga Zone now exists.

It has already attracted over 13,000 members – the oldest so far is 87 and the split is near 50-50 male to female. “Zoners” can add their own detailed profiles, message each other, join groups, blog, and join forums.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive of Saga Group, said: “The internet is a place where the over 50s are thriving. Saga Zone is a place where they can mingle and chat about issues important to them, be they amusing or serious.”

Saga Zone (careful, over 50s only!)

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