MedSignals remind you to take your pills



Even if you don’t take as many prescriptions as I do (and you almost certainly don’t), you’ve probably had the experience of needing to take them every X stupid period of time and keep taking them Y stupid number of days and if you forget even one then your head will swell up and fall off and you’ll die. Or, you can use the Med Signals pillbox, which alerts you when it’s time to take your drugs, remembers the last time you opened the box (so “eight hours apart” is actually eight hours, not four and then twelve for a total of sixteen) and then can be set to upload your data to a remote server so your doctor can keep tabs on whether you secretly just sold all your pills to Bulgarians. (No danger of me doing that; my drugs are far too awesome.) [GT]

Med Signals [via Ubergizmo]

Gabrielle Taylor
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