3's X-Series monthly price? "Less than home broadband"

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One thing conspicuous by its absence from this morning’s X-Series launch were any firm pricing details. Of course, 3 did say that you’ll pay one monthly flat fee for unlimited (albeit with fair-use restrictions) use of all its services, including messaging, browsing and slinging your TV to your phone. But no actual figures.

We sniffed around at the event, including talking to some 3 people, and the consensus was that you’ll pay “a bit less than home broadband” for X-Series. Which by our reckoning means £15-20 per month, although this would presumably be on top of your regular monthly tariff covering voice calls, texts, video calls etc.

If true, this is mighty tempting, although we can’t help thinking it’d be nice to use all these nifty internet services through a handset with a flip-out keyboard and big wide-screen. Read our other X-Series launch coverage here and here, by the way.

Stuart Dredge
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