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Android fans and iPhone-owning Google sympathisers may want to pay particular attention to this post. David Wong, a young Canadian coder has pulled off a feat of software-hacking mastery by getting his iPhone to dual-boot the Android OS alongside Apple's regular operating system.

Wong documented the whole process in the video above, which involved using a bootloader to get a Linux kernel onto the handset. Once up and running with Android, Wong shows off connecting to a Wi-Fi network, sending text messages, web browsing and even voice calling.

Due to the lack of hardware buttons on an iPhone he's had to re-purpose the up and down volume controls to Android's home and call buttons.

Hacked on an iPhone 2G, Wong reckons getting the OS onto a 3G wouldn't be all that difficult. Getting Android onto an iPhone 3GS however poses a more complex problem though, he believes.

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The latest trailer for Disney's high-tech movie sequel Tron Legacy is now available for download in silky-slick high definition.

You can pick it up here.

The first Tron film is a downright classic, starring Oscar winner Jeff Bridges with visuals that were state-of-the-art back in 1982 and remain just as compelling nearly 30 years on. In tech-y terms, it was also the first film to creatively do justice to the burgeoning video game scene, while this December 17th-slated sequel promises some of the most advanced 3D filming techniques seen this side of Avatar.

Oh, and keep an ear out for a snippet of the robot-rocking soundtrack to be provided by the French Dance-pop mentalists Daft Punk. Never have a film and it's musical contributors been more appropriately matched.

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It takes something special for a video of a guy sitting in his bedroom with an iPhone to get Tech Digest excited, but this viral marketing video for the iPhone app Everyday Looper really is something.

From the looks of things, Everyday Looper is a pretty basic multi-track recording app that uses the iPhone's mic to layer sounds on top of each other. If however, you have the crazy skills of the guy in this video (who apparently is also the app's developer) you can make Everyday Looper sound like a little beat-boxing barbershop quartet in the palm of your hand.

Watch the vid, and then see if you can't help but click here to pick up the app.

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Microsoft are researching experimental technology which will allow people to control gadgets through the electrical impulses in our muscle tissue.

Sensors connected to the body measure Electromyography (EMG), the electrical signals that rush around our bodies. These sensors then translate the measurements into commands and instructions for PCs and other tech.

Confused? Check the video above.

The potential here is awesome. I've already begun saving up for my EMG enabled Iron Man suit.

Via: Gizmodo

susan boyle.jpgYouTube have revealed the most watched videos of 2009, and there is one breakaway leader miles ahead of the competition. Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent audition has racked up over 120 million views this year, an absolutely massive amount of hits that totally eclipses runner-up drugged child clip "David After Dentist", itself picking up a huge 37 million views. In third place sits quirky wedding video "JK Wedding Entrance" with 33 million views.

YouTube have also pooled together the fastest rising search terms for 2009. It reads like a pit-stop tour of everything 2009:

January: inauguration
February: christian bale
March: the climb
April: susan boyle
May: pacquiao vs hatton
June: michael jackson thriller
July: michael jackson
August: usain bolt
September: kanye west
October: paranormal activity
November: bad romance
December: tiger woods

For the full breakdown of YouTube's 2009 story, visit the YouTube Blog.

Remember that scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, where all of Chevy Chase's festive struggles come good when his ridiculous fairy light system shines brighter than the sun? Well some bright spark has gone one better. Or should that be one louder?

A round of applause please for Mr Ric Turner, one time Disney special effects expert, who has turned his entire house into a festive lightshow, powered by...wait for it... GUITAR HERO.

Using 21,268 twinkling fairy lights and an intricate knowledge of electronics, Ric has rigged his house up to his Wii Guitar Hero game so that it lights up in time with his button mashing.

Words just don't do it justice, so check out the video above. It's totally mental, and 100% awesome.

For full details of this mammoth undertaking, check out Ric's conversation with Make.

As we've all come to accept, robots will eventually become far too clever for their own good, revolt, and throw humanity into eternal servitude. Until that point though, lets take a minute to salute our Japanese cousins who have humiliated our future robot-overlords once again, this time by programming one to break-dance.

The scientists who built the robot consulted professional dancers to fine-tune the bot's uncanny moves.

Peter Crouch was as yet unavailable for comment.

Oh dear. In a frighteningly embarrassing bout of "spontaneity" employees over at the newly opened Mission Viejo Microsoft store burst into an impromptu line dancing session. Fair play to them for keeping it up for a nerve-wracking 4 minutes, despite the store's customers clearly either uninterested or too embarrassed to look.

I hope these poor cogs in the Microsoft machine got a nice bonus for this little stunt. Their tired feet and tainted souls sure have earned it.

New Modern Warfare 2 trailer online now

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is easily the most hotly anticipated game of the year. It could be a steaming mess of a game and still top the charts on the back of the reputation of it's predecessor alone. But from the looks of this trailer, it's safe to say Modern Warfare 2 is going to be a very special title indeed.

Modern Warfare 2 features gripping and heart-racing first-person shooter action as players face off against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse.

You can pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from Amazon UK here, ready for it's 10th November release.

left 4 dead 2.jpgZombies, zombies, zombies; just when will we stop getting a kick out of maiming these lumbering, brain-eating foes? Not any time soon if game developers Valve have their way. Left 4 Dead 2 is set to hit shops on the 20th November, so get ready for another frantic blast of four-player, undead whacking first-person madness on its way.

The highly anticipated sequel takes place in the Deep South, where four brand new survivors are battling against the zombie horde. Valve promise three horrific new Special infected foes, the brand new addition of melee weapons, and a refined version of the AI Director that made the original so replayable.

Check below as Tech Digest's very own Gerald Lynch gets prepped for the zombie horde with an SAS survival training session.

10 million stream live U2 YouTube gig

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U2 360 tour.gifAs many as 10 million people are believed to have watched U2's gig at the LA Rose Bowl Stadium, streamed live via YouTube on Sunday night.

Estimates had at first circulated around hundreds of thousands of viewers; very respectable figures themselves. But now Variety are reporting a staggering 10 million people around the globe saw the show.

The figure makes U2's show the single largest live-streaming event in YouTube's history, with the only comparable figure being the 700,000 who streamed the YouTube Live event in the summer.

Watch the full recorded gig here.


Meet Martin Jetpack, Dutch inventor determined to produced back-strapped solo powered flight. Presumably a big fan of Thunderball. In this video we see Martin's latest creation. This is the Ducted Fanpack and, according to the man, it can get up to speeds of 60mph and has a range of 8,000 feet before you need the in-built emergency parachute.

It's not exactly portable and looks more like a drum kit than anything else but, well, take a look...

It doesn't look like it goes that high which could be an issue if you don't live in Holland or East Anglia but, should you be sufficiently stunned and not in stitches, then see if you can tap up the bank for the $100,000 you'll need.

(via Oh Gizmo!)

This video/work of genius by Rotterdam based animator Evelien Lohbeck speaks for itself. I wouldn't normally feature animation on Tech Digest but, then, animation is always titled "Note Book". Enjoy.

(via Rubbishcorp)

As I watched the first 15 seconds of this video, I was convinced it was an advert for Cadbury's Creme Eggs. For the rest of the 2mins and 20secs, I was too busy wondering if my jaw was ever going to close again. Watch the clip and you'll see what I mean...

Here's a video to make you glad that none of your friends class themselves as 'experimental media artists.' In his latest video, Daito Manabe hooks up four (presumably former) friends to his face visualiser - a device which transforms music into electrical pulses that stimulate the facial muscles.

You might have forgotten this, or been unaware of its existence, but I thought it was worth some nostalgia. This is Doctor Spin performing their rave-tinged version of the music from "Tetris" on Top of the Pops in 1992. Oh da!


They say there are 10 types of people in this world - those who understand binary and those who don't. If you're in the latter group, then click play on the video above, sit back, and have it explained in a minute flat. It's certainly the best video I've seen in the last 111 days.

More YouTube Videos: Motion controlled mp3 player | Unbelievable spinning wrestler

Thumbnail image for youtubevideooftheweek.jpg

I'm not sure I'd actually want a motion controlled mp3 player but I'd certainly like the skills to make one. I get the feeling it woudn't be such a clever gadget on the move but I love the SD card loading and the fact that it hooks up stereo as well as the seamless way it all works. Neat bit of hacking and really well shot vid. Well done, whoever you are...

(via Dvice)

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Click play on the video. Now watch as the world's aeroplanes cross continents and oceans over a 24-hour period. It's strangely relaxing in the same way that watching a trail of ants in a garden on a warm summer's afternoon is relaxing.

One thing that's worth looking out for - compare Europe at the start of the video to Europe at 0:45 - as you'd expect, the flight volume changes dramatically between day and night.

Seen a similarly fantastic depiction of data? Post it in the comments below. I love stuff like this, so if you've got a favourite then I want to see it too.

Nitmesh (via @damiano)

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