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samsung-galaxy-tab-10-bike.jpgWe've seen some pretty outlandish tablet accessories in the form-factor's relatively short lifespan, but this surely takes the biscuit. Take a look at the 14 Bike Co Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 bike.

A "custom made road bike and top of the range tablet holder", it's the Galaxy Tab add-on that you've always wanted without ever realising. Or at least we hope so, or Samsung/ 14 Bike Co are going to have a warehouse full of bikes with a weird clip on the frame to get rid of.

"Demonstrating the Galaxy Tab 10.1's 'lighter for performance' ethos the Tab holder is designed by F1 manufacturers, is super light at 125g and is complete with a super strong premium finish," read the press release.

"Accessible from the side, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder allows for the device to be used easily whilst on the move. Applications such as dashboards tracking mileage, route planners and repair instructions for punctures, can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace to enhance everyday cycling routes or more adventurous trips - a handy addition for any cyclist."

Make sure you're wearing a crash helmet if you plan on peeking between your legs at your Twitter feed while speeding around the velodrome on this thing.

Click here to send 14 Bike Co an email if you're interested in more info.

Jurassic Bark: Dinosaur costumes for your dog!


What do you call a dinosaur's dog? Rex.

What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog? Doyouthinkhesaurus Rex.

Not that any of these dapper dino pooches are having any trouble spotting this season's key canine fashion trends. This year's labrador look is all about scales and tails, as dog owners deck their pets out in Cretaceous costumes.

From waif-raptor chic to plus-size Stegosaurus jackets, there's something for all breeds and sizes. There's even the odd mammal costume in their too for good measure.

Admittedly, there's only a tenuous tech link here ( can buy them online at But what has been seen cannot be unseen, and I laughed so much when I saw this that I couldn't help myself but share them for some Friday fun.

Click below to see the dogs strut their stuff.

Yes you read that correctly; animal rights activists PETA are launching a .xxx porn domain in order to "draw attention to the plight of animals."

By my calculations we're a little over 7 months off of this being an April fools joke, so we're guessing the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are taking this very seriously. And from the sounds of things, it's all going to get quite saucy.

"We live in a 24 hour news cycle world, and we learn the racy things we do are sometimes the most effective way that we can reach particular individuals," said PETA rep Lindsay Rajt.

"There will be a lot of girl and boy next door content, but we haven't ruled out celebrities on the site as well. People who are extraordinarily dedicated to helping animals and who are willing to do whatever it takes to draw attention to the suffering they endure."

Titillation for a good cause? It wouldn't be the first time PETA have tried the T&A approach, with everything from public showers to banned Superbowl ads. Just check the video above to see what we mean.

Via: Gizmodo

cinimod-studio-ufo-project-6.jpgWhen it comes to UFO's and little green men, the truth may well be out there, but the UK's Ministry of Defence doesn't have the dough to find out. Newly released government files concerning UFO sightings show that a lack of money and interest on behalf of the authorities is keeping alien lifeforms very much in the realms of the final frontier.

The sightings, spanning the years 1985 to 2007, include reports of "worm-shaped" UFOs "wriggling around in the sky" over East Dulwich in south-east London and a number of images of what looked like a "flying saucer" over the Retford town hall in Nottinghamshire. In all, 34 separate file cases have been released.

"The fascinating thing about these files is that they show that just as in society there's this huge debate about UFOs - is it really interesting, are we being visited by aliens - or is it all just nonsense?" said Nick Pope former MoD investigator between 1991 and 1994.

"We were having the same debates in the Ministry of Defence. Some people thought it was a waste of time and money, others thought it was of extreme defence significance."

To check the files on sightings, visit the National Archives website here.

Via: BBC

QR codes are becoming an ever more prevalent way for advertisers to offer interactive content to smartphone and tablet users. Featured alongside an advert, smartphone users with a QR reading app can be offered app downloads, video content and further info, just by simply scanning the black-and-white barcode-like squares.

So of course it was only a matter of time until a brand slapped a QR code onto a human being. But it takes some dedication to have a QR code tattooed permanently onto your skin.

But that's just what French tattoo enthusiast Marco has had done. Teaming up with whiskey brand Ballantine, he's had a QR code inked onto his chest, which when read by a QR reader on an iPhone, opens up a YouTube video animation that makes his tat come to life and sing.

So, if the price was right, would you get a techy advert tattooed onto your body? And if you had the chance to choose, what would your QR code activate?

Via: Cnet

We're not sure what's more creepy here; the concept of a hug-simulating robot mannequin or researcher Nobuhiro Takahashi, who demonstrates the unit a little too enthusiatically in the video above.

Called the Sense-roid, a user hugs the mannequin while wearing a specially designed vest that houses a series of air pressure valves. The mannequin has sensors which send information to the vest, which increases and decreases the pressure in the air valves to simulate the feeling of a good old hug.

Takahashi is no stranger to weird simulators; he's also the brains behind a mad kissing simulator too.

"When people frist try out Sense-Roid, they think it's creepy," said researcher Nobuhiro Takahashi. "But gradually, they start feeling safe and secure."

Why anyone would feel safe and secure in a vest taht looks more dangerous than a particularly clingy boa constrictor, I can't begin to imagine. One for the loneliest of lonely hearts only, we'd say.

Via: Kotaku

We've seen USB ports on pretty much everything by now; from desk fans to little portable vacuum cleaners. But this is definitely one of the more bizarre items to have the ubiquitous port on it.

The humble cooking pot gets a 21st century makeover, using a USB connection and a thermoelectric material developed by TES NewEnergy Corp to turn excess heat into juice for your gadgets. It's a phenomenon known as the Seebeck effect, and uses uses the difference in temperature between the heat source (~ 550 ° C) and water boiling (~ 100 ° C) to create an electrical current of around 200 ~ 250 mA.

That much power would charge a smartphone in about 4 hours though, so be prepared for some very tender stewed meat or soggy vegetables if you want your iPhone fully powered.

USB Cooking pot Hatsuden-Nabe is available in Japan now for around the $280 mark.

800_ap_kate_wills_invu_101116.jpgI have no interest whatsoever in the Royal Wedding. Fair play to the young regal lovers for tying the knot and bagging us all an extra couple of Bank Holiday days off, but the near-certain pomp and excess of Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials rubs me up the wrong way.

However, I would be way more interested in the Royal Wedding were the House of Windsor blowing its sizable fortune on the world's most extravagantly tech filled wedding EVER. That would be pretty awesome.

If Kate and William are looking for a geeky, techy J-Lo replacement as their wedding planner, I'm their man. To prove my credentials, read on to see how Tech Digest would organise the ultimate Geek Fantasy Tech Royal Wedding, were money no issue, cybernetic bodyguards watched our backs and supernatural eco-warriors with a penchant for plastic rings existed...


Carriage: Star Wars AT-AT

You've got the aging royals standing on the doorstep of Buckingham Palace, it's pouring rain and Prince Philip is moaning that his tails are getting wet. Time is of the essence, if the millions watching the vows on YouTube are to get timely live coverage. A horse drawn carriage simply wont do. Enter the All-Terrain Armoured-Transport, AKA the AT-AT from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. There will be enough room for the whole of Eton in the boot, while the Queen could even quickly take a detour past John Lydon of the Sex Pistols' house and blow it to smithereens with the head-mounted laser cannons.


Arrival: Westminster Abbey Foursquare check-in

Prince Charles climbs out of the AT-AT, pops his top hat over his ears (after several troubled attempts) and walks through the doors of Westminster Abbey. But not before checking-in to the place of worship using Foursqaure on his smartphone. Alas; no free coffee comes with today's check-in, so he quickly nips around the corner to one of about 30 Starbucks on the adjacent street and does the same thing there.


Home Video: Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder

The whole ceremony may be being beamed live around the world to billions, but there's nothing like catching best man Prince Harry picking his nose with a cheekily zoomed home video camera. With Sky passing up the opportunity to cover the event in 3D, we'd love to see Prince Andrew rock up with a Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder to film the day's festivities, though keeping Charlie's ears in frame might prove difficult.


Pageboy: R2-D2 astromech droid

If your pageboy isn't loveable, then he aint worth the ice-cream you're paying him in. If you want a reliable, iconic alternative with a motorised heart, R2-D2 is your droid. He's got more features than a sci-fi Swiss Army Knife, and will have your diamond wedding ring popping out of his spring-loaded head before you can say "Let the Wookie win".

terminator 2.jpg

Bodyguards: T-800 Terminator

With high profile guests from around the world, the Royal Wedding is potentially a target for trouble makers of all descriptions. If you've got people who need protecting, there's no better bodyguard than the T-800 model Terminator. I can see the touching scene at the end of the ceremony now as Her Royal Highness bawls into The Terminator's bullet-ridden leather jacket. His words of comfort? "I know now why you cry, but it is something I can never do". Beautiful.


Vicar: I-Fairy Robot

A vicar. That is a robot. $68,000 will secure the I-Fairy robot priest to rattle off your vows with its Speak-And-Spell voice. Noticing a pattern here? Well we never said that the tech wedding would ever stretch beyond a love of automated human replacements, but considering the stock smiles and well-trained poise the majority of the royal family seems to posses, you have to wonder which guests are the ones dreaming of electric sheep...


Kate's Dress: Enlightened LED Wedding Dress

Picture the scene; hundreds of TV vans are draining Westminster Abbey's power supply to broadcast the event to the world, when disaster strikes. A power-cut occurs just before Kate hits the aisle. Think a University of Edinburgh graduate like Kate wouldn't plan for something like this? Exactly; that's why she's wearing a wedding dress lined with 300 glowing LED lights from Enlightened. Touching and tacky at the same time.


The Rings: Captain Planet Elemental Rings

I-Fairy's done its part, the vows are exchanged, time to slip on those rings. But wait! What are those lights emanating from the newlyweds fingers! GASP! They aren't wedding rings, they're PLANETEER RINGS! Wills has Earth and Kate has Fire! Who'd have thought it? Up pops Captain Planet, cleaning up the ceremony's carbon footprint in an instant while his theme tune blasts over the PA. He's a hero, and he is going to take pollution down to zero, don't you know. GO PLANET!


After The Vows: Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status with a HTC Salsa or ChaCha

You've mopped up the tears, the crowd is cheering, the royal fanfare is trumpeting out around the globe. The next step on the path to marital bliss for Wills and Kate? Changing their Facebook statuses to "Married". A HTC Salsa or ChaCha, with their one-button-touch access to the social network, will have them broadcasting the change before they've even walked back down the aisle. Compared to the other ideas, this one almost seems sensible...

It's Friday, the weekend's nearly upon us, we're all tired; the last thing we need is a good old shock. But that's what the Tech Digest team got when a link to this peculiar mobile phone turned up in our inbox. It is, without a doubt, the most terrifying communications device we've ever seen.

Introducing Elfoid, a handheld "humanoid phone" developed by NTT Docomo and Qualcomm.

20cm long, the demon-child-like device is covered in a fleshy urethane skin, with call controls embedded into its stomach. Equipped with a camera, robotic elements pick up on a caller's movements, allowing two users of Elfoid phones to have their movements and facial expressions replicated by the device. Its arms move. Its neck turns. Its hands wave. Its eyes will follow you around the room. Make it stop.

A larger version, known as the Telenoid R1 robot was launched last year, and like the more portable Elfoid, is intended to give long distance calls, particularly for elderly isolated relatives, a more human touch.

Elfoid has fallen so far down into the Uncanny Valley that it's seared onto the backs of my eyeballs for all eternity. Only a five year wait until they hit shops, and begin stealing souls.

Check out more images below, if you dare. The crucifixion pose is a particularly nice touch.

Via: Pink Tentacle

Thanks to Tech Digest reader Lotte for the tip!

The Strangest Way To Watch 3DTV

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We all know that 3D technology is big business these days, but no one wants to sit around their living room with big dorky glasses on. This is where the Jonathan Post Experiment comes in. He has developed a terrifying way of not only watching 3D TV without glasses, but giving your eyelids a good work out.

The system works apparently only works on 120Hz monitor displays, with hopes for a final version ready fro CES 2012.

Traditionally, nerds and extreme sports don't mix all that well. Hit the surf and you'll likely lose your national health spectacles, while it turns out that skateboarding is way more difficult than Tony Hawks on the PlayStation ever let on.

Un-aided skydiving for geeks therefore must sound like an utter death-wish. But not any more thanks to the clever folk over at Google Demo Slam!

Linking up a huge overhead projector to a zippy laptop running Google Earth, this band of Japanese teenagers get the rush of hurtling towards the Earth at breakneck speed without ever being more than 10 feet off the ground. There are even some big fans to give that gale-force wind effect.

Check it out in the video above.

WikiLeaks to expose UFO cover-up?


ufo-forest.jpgOn the run and out of favour with pretty much every governmental institution around the world, Julian Assange has had a very busy week. It could well be about to get even more crazy, as Assange has now confirmed that the unpublished remainder of his controversial cable documents make multiple mentions to unidentified flying objects.

Is he about to crack conspiracy theories the world over about the existence of little green men? Or perhaps just that George Bush enjoyed sitting down with a bag of popcorn and an Independence Day DVD? Here's what Assange had to say:

Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant. However, as yet they have not satisfied two of our publishing rules.

1) that the documents not be self-authored;

2) that they be original.

However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs.

To be honest, anything as mind-shattering as alien life would probably have been WikiLeaks' first port of call, but I can live in hope, even if just so all my mates stop winding me up about my tinfoil hat.

Oh, and do read the whole Guardian Q and A with Assange linked below, it's fascinating and a little bit frightening too.

Via: Guardian

Jetlev Flyer: The Personal Aquatic Jetpack

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Ever wished you had a jetpack that could fly over water... now thanks to this crazy invention you can.

The jetlev flyer, lets you fly through the air by pushing the pilot airborne with huge jets of water...basically utilizing jet ski technology. Each stream of water has the lifting force of 400-500 pounds, which as you can see from the video is enough to send a pretty large man flying. The only negative is that you need to stay attached to the giant rubber hose which is attached to your pump raft to supply the pack with water.

Check out the promo video featuring buff men and bikini clad women hanging out with the flyer in the Bahamas below.

The Jetlev Flyer can be yours for only 129,000€

The World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan

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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is out today, but we bet no one is quite as excited as this kid.

This video has been making the rounds online this week, but if you haven't seen it check it out. This is what the ultimate fan looks like....

We'll leave you today with a little bit of creepy tech-wierdness to settle you into your weekend.

Meet Geminoid-F, a robot actress from Tokyo. If you're making a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun right now you can catch her/it/whatever "performing" in a production of the play Sayonara.

While we do love robots here at Tech Digest, they always end up on the wrong side of the frightening uncanny valley. The memory of this one will be seared into the back of my eyeballs for all eternity.

Can't fault the casting though; a robot playing a robot. It's more convincing than Keanu Reeves anyway. Wonder if Geminoid has an Android handset? Ho-ho, ha-ha, he-he...

ollie octopus better.jpgThough the World Cup bookies bane, Paul the Psychic Octopus, may have only just recently given up the ghost (may he rest in peace), he's already got an heir to his mystic, underwater throne. His cousin Ollie is taking up the tentacled predictions game, and has been splashing around with his top tips for this year's must have Christmas gadgets.

Two year old Ollie put the PS3 Move at the top of his most wanted list, wrapping his eight slimy arms around Sony's latest motion controller despite the fanfare surrounding the launch of the Xbox 360's Kinect today.

"Unfortunately for Microsoft, Ollie didn't 'Kinect' with the Xbox, but was 'moved' by the PS3, tipping Sony's motion controller wand to win the battle for gaming supremacy this Christmas," said a Kelkoo rep, the price comparison site that orchestrated today's madness.

Ollie also predicted that the iPad would hold out against the Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry Playbook in the tablet wars this Christmas.

"Working with Ollie the octopus was a bundle of fun and given his psychic lineage, we couldn't think of a better way to predict the UK Christmas best-sellers this year," said Kelkoo's Joe Cross.

"From the X Factor, to Hollywood, to Silicon Valley, Ollie's discerning tentacles know no bounds and his mystic insight into which products are set to sink or swim this Christmas are certainly set to add spice to the sales race over the festive period."

I'm sure Ollie has the best intentions, but I think I'll stick with reccomendations from lifeforms with opposable thumbs for my gadgets, thanks very much.

Click here to view a video of the eight armed wonder in action.

rotten apple.JPG

Apple may deservedly rule the roost when it comes to smartphones, tablet and media players, but they don't half take themselves seriously. Their iPads, iPhones and iPods have certainly been revolutionary devices, but the company itself has earned a strangely cult-like status due to their earnest advertising and feverish fanboy following.

Which of course makes them prime targets for a good old YouTube spoof video. Here are 5 of the best we've seen.

The "iPad Shuffle"

Picking up on Apple's love of re-releasing every single idea they've ever had in about a million different variations, this spoof reveals the iPad Shuffle. It's an iPad, but 1/250th the size!

The Scottevest

The iPhone may have an app for everything, but the Scottevest has a pocket for everything! You wont win any awards for fashion wearing this, but you'll be bringing Ray Mears-chic into the 21st century with this tech-savvy sleeveless overcoat.

The Apple "i"

Apple I.JPG

Chrome-y, classy, and shiny, the Apple "i" is probably genuinely in development deep in an underground lab in Cupertino. It's "100% spherical", but what the hell does it do!? Hats off to the actor in the vid for nailing Steve Jobs presentation giving mannerisms. We couldn't embed this vid, but we couldn't leave it out either. Click here to view it instead!

FaceTime kidnapping

As much a dig at the AT&T network as it is Apple, it looks like the iPhone 4's FaceTime app has an unexpected use; sorting out hostage negotiation situations!

Peter Serafinowicz's iPad

Need to take notes, make movies, write music and play games all from the same device? Peter Serafinowicz may have an overpriced solution for you!


All sci-fi fans will know that whilst technological advancement makes our mundane little lives easier and more rewarding everyday, take your mind off its potential dangers for just a few seconds and it can turn around and bite you in the arse, sometimes with fatal consequences. When it comes to tech, complacency breeds death.

Lower your heads as Tech Digest guide you through 10 of the most bizarre, gruesome and tragic tech related deaths.

Click below to get started

3D tech was all over the IFA 2010 conference this year, but perhaps the most unusual example of its usage was over at the Panasonic hall.

Now the actual technology demoed here, whilst impressive, isn't all that strange; Panasonic were showing off live 3D post-production techniques using their latest Viera 3D panels and professional stereoscopic 3D camera gear.

What was, quite frankly, disturbing however was the set up. A trapeze team were inside the arena, spinning around above our heads whilst being filmed by the 3D film crew. In front of the act were a line of 3D panels, and in front of them again were pole-mounted 3D active shutter glasses. The public could either watch the trapeze act naturally, or by walking over to the glasses and slipping them over their eyes, in essence choosing to watch a live show taking place directly in front of them in real-world 3D through a TV screen instead.

In my ten or so minutes at the stand, not one of the hundreds of passers by spent more than a few seconds watching the trapeze artists with their naked eyes, whilst many happily stood and watched for a few minutes on the 3D screens.

Now you can argue that, at a tech show, people are bound to be more interested in the TVs than a circus act. It's what they're there for after all. But the whole set-up just creeped me out a little bit, like a glimpse into some Philip K Dick style future where humanity will only ever see the outside world passively through high-tech TV screens.

Remember folks, real-life comes in three dimensions too.

Click here for more IFA 2010 related news

As far as school projects go, I cant think of anything cooler than building a gadget that turns you into a real-life Spiderman. But that's exactly what UK schoolboy Hibiki Kono has done, as he has amazed the world by scaling walls with his DIY superhero kit.

By strapping a pair of £15 Tesco vacuum cleaners to his back and attaching two nozzle pads to them, Hibiki Kono has become just like his comic-book wall-crawling hero.

"I used to dress up as Spiderman when I was younger, I love the films," said 13 year old Hibiki. "I wanted to make something a bit different. But my mum won't let me use it in my room - she's worried I'll pull down the ceiling."

When I did Design and Technology at secondary school all I got to make was a clock. I'm starting to feel a bit cheated after seeing this. It was a great clock, mind you...

Via: The Mirror

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