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YSL-graphene.jpgYves Saint Laurent are extending their Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils line with a new "Baby Doll" version.

Hang on; make-up news, on Tech Digest? What's going on here then?

Rest assured, we haven't gone mad - it seems that YSL have taken some very interesting inspiration in the design of the new mascara line.

The formula used to deliver "long-lasting volume and intense colour" in the mascara range has been inspired by graphene, the thin, flexible carbon crystal material that's being heralded as the new miracle-material in the tech and construction industries. It's made of a single layer of carbon atoms and has ridiculous properties, being stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper and more malleable than rubber.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has already allocated £50m to graphene research, and tech companies including Nokia, Philips and Dyson are all looking into how they can make lighter, practically indestructible products with the material.

Would you want graphene, or a compound that mimics its properties anywhere near your eyes? We're not entirely sure - you're unlikely to get panda eyes if you get a bit teary wearing it we'd imagine. And to be fair, it's probably little more than marketing blarney from YSL. But if even one of the world's largest fashion houses can see the benefits of being associated with the material, graphene seems to be making real waves now.

joyland-top.jpegWe've heard rumour in the past of a crazy unlicensed World of Warcraft amusement park in Changzhou, China, and now we've got visual confirmation that the site exists. And, somewhat surprisingly, it looks pretty awesome.

A Reddit user going by the username FrancescaO_O took a trip to the park and posted images of the site, which is called Joyland.

We're not sure we've seen a more flagrant display of copyright infringement in our lives, but there's no denying that Joyland looks like a blast. From Tauren and Pandaria panda statues to a recreation of the entrance to Stormwind City (not to mention a ton of rides ranked based on their "Happiness" and "Splendor" ratings), it looks like fun on a massive, Blizzard-inspired scale.

Apparently costing 300 million YEN to build with an admission cost of around £20, the site is still expanding.

Hilariously, the "Splash of Monster Blood" attraction states that "tourists over 60 years old are not permitted", presumably as the park fears getting sued by the relatives of pensioners struck dead by the sheer thrill of the ride. Obviously, Joyland's creators couldn't care less about being sued by Blizzard's legal teams though!

Scroll down for more images from Joyland.

The ancient Egyptians buried their dead with all manner of trinkets they believed would be needed in the afterlife, from piles of food to clothes and even jewelry. It's a tradition that's set to live on thanks to Swedish audio company Pause, with a notable exception; in the 21st Century we're not fussed about post-death food and drink, all we need are some banging party tunes to see us into the next life.

Pause have created the CataCoffin CataCombo Sound System, a state-of-the-art coffin that lets a loved one be buried with all their favourite music. And listen to it, post-death. Creepy, no?

The CataCombo Sound System boasts a custom-built 2.1 amplifier and is matched with a pair of 2-way speakers, tweeters with external cooling, and an 8-inch subwoofer tuned to the coffin's acoustic space to wake the dead.

Allowing the deceased to keep abreast of the current musical times, the coffin can be paired with the CataTomb tombstone which integrates an upgradeable music server running on a 2.5GHz Intel processor with a 4G wireless connection that allows friends and family to manage the departed's playlists. A 7-inch display built into the tombstone will let those visiting the grave check what's being played six feet under too.

A bizarre idea, I'm not keen on the thought of someone controlling what tunes are blasted at my lifeless body. I can just picture my prankster pals lining up a Justin Bieber or Mumford and Sons infinite playlist with which to torture my soul. They'd be in for a good haunting, that's for sure.

If you're morbid enough to be interested, prices start at €23,500.

YouTube hits.jpg

YouTube can be an amazing platform for musicians to showcase their tracks on. Love him or loathe him, Justin Bieber for instance used the video hosting site to find fame, going on to become a worldwide superstar at the tender age of just 15.

But for every success story, there are inevitably a hundred failures riding a wave of mediocrity down the drain and out into the great ocean of musical sewage. YouTube is a veritable goldmine of unintentionally hilarious music videos, and today here at Tech Digest we've been compiling our ten favourites. Some of these are well known virals, some of them have not enjoyed such widespread "acclaim". The one thing they all have in common? They're all truly, truly awful.

Jan Terri - Lose You Tonight

We'll kick proceedings off with a classic. Limo driver by day, Jan Terri's crooning vocal sees her turn into a rock vixen by night. By "vixen", we mean she sings with a shriek similar to that of a brawling urban fox after a night on the tiles round the back of the bins behind the kebab shop. Jan Terri apparently played at one of Marilyn Manson's birthday parties. Confrontational as he is, we can only imagine Manson had a soft spot for Terri's unique "having an argument with my own song" performance style. Keep an eye out for the shot by the sewage-run off too, a superbly apt location we feel.

Majela Ze Ze Diamond - Show Me Your Genitals

Firstly, a word of warning. This video, lyrically at least, is pretty NSFW. Call me prudish, but Majela Ze Ze Diamond, surely an internet star in the making, has a knack for slipping in the odd below the belt anatomical detail into the words of her songs. It all gets a bit hypnotic by the end, and by the 500th time Majela offers to show you her genitalia, you're all but ready to submit. Key line? "Men are good for money, sex and vagina". Indeed. Make sure to check out Majela's other "hit", Tickle My Vagina, when you're done.

Manakin - Something is Locked Inside of My Soul

Disregarding the musical "wizardry" going on in the background (which incidentally sounds more than a little bit like the theme tune to kids' dungeons and dragons TV show Knightmare), the real star of 70s rockers Manakin is their rather limber frontman and his collection of creepy masks that appear to be made of human flesh. Keep an eye out for Jerry Lewis at the end of the performance, his usually uber-professional TV persona stunned into a faltering mess. If Silence of the Lambs' Buffalo Bill were ever to start a prog-rock band, it'd probably sound a lot like this...

Maxine Swaby - Pardon Me

It's hard to put my finger on what makes Maxine Swaby such an important force in music today. Sometimes I think it's the "end of the pier" production sound her songs carry, other times how she brings some much needed glamour to the video's rural locales with her array of nautical-themed costumes. But the truth of the matter is, they don't call Maxine Swaby "The Voice" for nothing. YouTube commentator manbearpigisalive sums it all up far more eloquently than I ever could: "She sounds like she's being microwaved".

Rap Against Rape - What Did I Do Wrong?

In what is surely the most unintentionally unsympathetic treatise against rape of all time, Dublin-based Rap Against Rape attempt to fight sex crime with this banging 90's dance tune. "What did I do wrong?" cries the refrain. Going ahead with this ill-conceived mess for starters. Rumour has it this inspired the short-lived "Rape Against Rap" movement. Oh, and keep an eye out for Tom Selleck's cameo freestyle halfway through too.

Reh Dogg - Why Must I Cry?

With nearly 4 million YouTube views, Reh Dogg enjoys a level of notoriety few other "stars" on this list can lay claim to. A pioneer of "emo rap", Reh Dogg's lyrics deal with poverty and issues relating to accepting an unsatisfactory body image, as well as wanting to get with Asian women, and failing to get with said Asian women. He'd probably have a better chance sorting out that last problem if he didn't keep posting videos of himself all-but naked in the shower.

Anonymous 80s bizarreness...

Words cant really do justice to this one. While the initial purpose/meaning behind this video may forever be lost in time, at least we can all sleep safe in the knowledge that floral shirts, shorts, white knee-socks and red pumps are no longer considered a legitimate outfit for a full-grown man.

Steklovata - Novi God

Just like with the complete works of Shakespeare, give a gang of monkeys access to a bluescreen, the internet and infinite amounts of time, and one day they'll strike pop-gold with an MTV-defining music video. The problem with humanity is that offer the same parameters to four men and they'll settle with giving birth to the hellspawn that is Russian boy-band Steklovata, seen here with their hit "Novi God". That said, I'd choose Steklovata over Justin Beiber any day of the week...

Lori Watt - Chill in my Veins

I was in two minds whether or not to post this video, as I just couldn't be sure that mental illness, which isn't at all funny, didn't factor into proceedings somewhere along the line with this tune. Thankfully, for the sake of my soul, I've been reassured that Lori Watt is perfectly healthy, and just a shockingly bad musician. Amazingly, this was played on TV in New Zealand, supposedly without a hint of irony.

Speak - Stop the War

If only Hungarian rapper-cum-anti-war-philanthropist Speak had been around before all of history's greatest conflicts! We'd so be living in the post-nuclear apocalypse wasteland, overrun by mutants, that I've been training for my entire life! Oh, and just so you know for next time Speak, doves are the international symbol of peace, not white pigeons. An easy mistake to make when you're this damn cool though we suppose...

perfume_phone.jpgDoes your phone stink as bad as you do? Some of you might find yourselves saying, "Yeah we both reek pretty badly!" others might say "No way I keep my phone in my bag, and we're both clean as a whistle!" Either way despite however clean you believe you might be a recent study claimed that a mobile phone can harbor eighteen times more bacteria than a toilet handle. This could be the answer to why some people might find that their phone smells bad. I digress.

What's for certain is that everyone likes a sweet smell. Regardless of if their phone smells fine or if it smells like its been fished out of a hot festival portaloo, phone perfume is exactly what Samsung are proposing.

The new patent application presents a cell phone which has the feature of being able to discharge perfume. The diagram shows a cavity in the phone where a material carrying the scent will fit. The scent will recharge as the phone does too.

Perhaps Samsung are onto an untapped market here? Of course it does appear almost like a gimmick, but considering how increasingly attached we are becoming to our mobile phones these days, they are virtually an extension of our bodies; so why shouldn't they smell good too?

I woke up today feeling a little down. There was some gap in my life, nay, a hole in the world that needed filling for the good of mankind. Something, some goal that civilisation, mankind collected, hadn't achieved yet.

I couldn't put my finger on it until I saw the above video. And then the "Eureka" moment; we had yet to perfect robotic arses.

Thank the heavens then for Nobuhiro Takahashi and the University of Electro-Communications, whose Shiri robot is making up for years of stagnation in the cyborg-arse development field.

Described as a "buttocks humanoid that represents emotions with visual and tactual transformation of the muscles," Shiri uses a complex system of electronics, sensors and pressure sensitive pistons to express the "various emotions with organic movement of the artificial muscles".

Amazing. Not sure whether to tag this video as "NSFW" or not; the guy demoing Shiri seems to be enjoying his job maybe a little too much...

Via: Gizmodo Japan

obi-wan-arrest.jpgObiwan Kenobi has been arrested.

That's Obiwan Kenobi of Roseville, California, not Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi of Tatooine, "A Galaxy Far, Far Away".

It seems Mr Kenobi is responsible for a mini-pile up involving four cars last week. The wannabe padawan was trying to...ahem...Force his way through a traffic jam, hitting two cars and causing a four-car pile up as he tried to make the jump to away.

He's been charged with hit-and-run causing injury, and has now made bail. His excuse that he was evading Imperial Order 66 just wont cut it here on Earth though we bet.

The authorities need to be careful with this one; If you strike Obiwan down, he shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Star Wars puns aside, THE GUY IS CALLED OBIWAN KENOBI?! FOR REAL! Anyone who legally gets their name changed to that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a car, let alone a starfighter.

Via: Kotaku

Take a bite out of this tasty...iPhone 5?


iphone-5-ice-cream.jpgWhile we're twiddling our thumbs in the West waiting for the iPhone 5 to be inevitably revealed, tech fans in China are already twiddling something else around the next Jesus Phone; their tongues.

OK, so a little explanation is needed here. Chinese tech fans haven't actually got their hands on Apple's new iPhone earlier than anywhere else. Instead, they've the pleasure of eating an iPhone 5 ice cream. It's shaped like the Apple logo, but tastes like a mango. Go figure.

You see, whereas in the UK, US and plenty of other territories Apple's lawyers would be slapping a cease and desist order on iPhone branded ice creams before the chilly treats even have a chance to melt, in China Apple failed to register its trademarks across a number of industries.

Therefore, Apple and iPhone branding is popping up in the most unlikely of places, and Apple are can do very little about it. China's the place to be if you want iPhone hiking boots and iPad concrete, to use Kotaku's examples.

Still, we can't help but think a range of MacBook Air diet shakes wouldn't be a terrible idea...

Via: Kotaku / Rocket News

scent-of-macbook-pro.jpgMmmm, nothing like waking up in the morning, having an invigorating shower and pampering yourself with a few drops of Eau de...MacBook Pro?

Yep, the ultimate Apple fanboy nerdgasm gift has just been bottled; the scent of MacBook Pro. Australian artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn and Air Aroma have teamed up to capture that (admittedly satisfying) smell of a freshly unwrapped Apple laptop. They sent a brand new machine to a French fragrance lab who mixed together a whole bunch of smells to get that Foxconn smell just right.

However, we wouldn't encourage Apple fans to start putting the Pro perfume at the top of their wishlists. It appears the scent was a one-off bottle for an exhibition, and the chances of Tim Cook licensing a premium Pro smell is slim to none.

Via: 9to5Mac

We've seen both Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica get the 16-bit RPG makeover treatment from the folks over at College Humour, but they've taken the biscuit with their latest effort.

AMC's Breaking Bad has been turned into a cute, sprite based RPG. Well, as cute as an RPG about a cancer-ridden chemistry teacher-turned meth cook ever could be.

Take a look at it in the video above, but NOTE THAT NEARLY EVERY SCENE HAS A SHOW SPOILER IN IT.

Just so you know.

kim-jong-il-dead.jpgAs if the constantly-looming threat of death by execution and imprisonment in hard labour camps wasn't enough, North Koreans have a new strictly punishable rule that must be adhered to. Those caught using a mobile phone will now be branded a war criminal by the dictatorial state which, we'd imagine, is an offence punishable with imprisonment in a hard labour camp and/or execution too.

That's because the totalitarian government believe that all citizen's excess energies, when not working to the bone for little or no reward, should be spent mourning the late "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il II. The no-mobiles rule is part of the 100-day state-imposed "mourning period" for the bespectacled one with a love of looking at things.

In a somewhat cruel irony, it's unlikely that the new law will affect all that many North Koreans. As The Next Web point out, less than 5% of the poverty-stricken population own a mobile phone anyway.

Via: The Telegraph

swisscheese.jpgIntroducing the Intelligent Cheese Counter, a new retail innovation that lets you buy cheese from an in-store seller, just by pointing at it through the display glass.

No this isn't a joke, and we're a couple of months early for April Fools' Day yet. This is a new in-store retail concept from the German Innovative Retail Laboratory, part of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Designed to make the cheese buying process a little easier (an admittedly daunting task for cheese amateurs) it negates the slightly embarrassing problem of being unable to pronounce the name of a cheese, not knowing how it my taste, and what other foods or drinks it would go well with.

Using a 3D mounted camera just above the counter, the user simply points at their desired cheese, with the camera hooked up to a computer system that can pinpoint the direction of their finger within an accuracy range of two centimetres. Using two screens (one for the store clerk and one for the customer) the seller can then easily identify which cheese the customer is inquiring about, while the customer is shown a list of details about the cheese in question.

"It's a common problem. That soft, golden-yellow stuff at the back of the cheese counter looks so delicious and inviting, but you're too scared to order some because you don't know its name. And even if you do, you may not know how to pronounce it correctly. All you can do is point and hope for the best," reads the CeBit tradeshow listing.

"The intelligent cheese counter recognizes what product the customer is pointing at and displays it on screen for the customer and sales staff to see. It even provides additional information, such as the origin of the cheese or wines that go well with it."

Due to be revealed at this year's CeBit conference, there are no images available at the time of writing, but we envision a Minority Report-style future crammed full of these things. Preferably with some sort of virtual smell-masking app built in too.

For more info, check out the Innovative Retail Laboratory website.

Captive Media toiletFor blokes, toilet games of pee-pee marksmanship are as old as Thomas Crapper's throne itself. Pick your target, aim your stream and let nature take its course.

Apart perhaps from the advent of the flush, it's a pastime that hasn't ever had any meaningful technological accompaniment brought to it. It is, after all, merely a trip to the loo and one (particularly in public places) that we usually want to get over and done with as quickly as possible.

That may all be set to change though thanks to a new product from Captive Media. They've been trialling the UK's first "hands-free urinal videogame", set for installation in bars and clubs up and down the country in 2012.

Featuring a 12-inch LCD screen with an Atom-dual core microprocessor running Windows 7 embedded, Captive Media's urinal game features a patented contact-less sensor unit that tracks the heat and movement of a user's urine stream. It's a bit like a Wii motion-sensor for wee.

The gaming element comes from a user's ability to aim their stream to control onscreen action. A number of games (with wry names like "On the Piste" for a downhill skiing slalom and "Clever Dicks" for a quiz challenge) require the user to aim their urine left or right into the urinal bowl to take down targets or select answers to questions. Everything is controlled via motion; from walking up to the urinal to start the game to taking part in the challenges, it's a hands-free experience that's as sanitary as taking a whizz ever can be (providing you wash your hands, of course).

The whole system is "retrofitable" too; as the unit sits above the urinal bowl, no extra plumbing is required, and can be fitted into a bar's existing toilet area within a few hours without much disruption.

It's silly fun for toilet-bound bar customers, with online leaderboards, optional Twitter integration and the potential for promotional competitions for high scorers, but also encourages cleanliness.

"The origins you can trace back to the fly in the urinal at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam," revealed Mark Melford, Captive Media director.

"It's been there for a long time, specifically for the purpose of helping men aim, and it works. The company that make them published research stating that washrooms employing their fly-printed urinals are 85% cleaner. Our idea asks wouldn't it be even better if that fly moved around, to design a machine where you can play a game that's genuinely interactive?"

But there's also a tightly crafted business element too. According to ADMEDIA, the average male toilet break is 55 seconds, enough time for two decent-length advertisements, or (slightly worryingly) 9 months worth of adverts across the course of a man's life. Captive Media's screens are perfectly placed to capitalise on these loo breaks with advertising. And just because ladies may not have quite the same interest in the competitive possibilities of peeing, the length of time women often have to queue to use club loos makes the screen tech just as valuable to advertisers in their stalls too.

It's also good news for bar owners. A trial run in the Ta Bouche bar in Cambridge saw 45% of the venue's customers state they would definitely stay longer or return because of the system, while a Corona beer promotion advertised through the units saw sales rise 47%.

"We expect any bar that installs [the units] to re-coup their costs in less than a year of installation because they have an impact on sales," explained Melford.

"Firstly because of the promotional punch, and secondly because they cause a buzz around the bar, and improve footfall to the venue."

"We already had a huge amount of interest in the units from bars, pubs, exhibition centres and retail outlets across the country and overseas - even though we've been trying to keep a lid on it," added Captive Media co-founder Gordon MacSween.

"It's a tough time for bars and pubs currently. This product offers customers something fun, and unlike anything they've seen before. Those are two good reasons to go out for a drink at a time when so many are opting to stay in."

For more info, visit

duck-tales.jpgMrs Branson, Mrs Gates, Mrs Buffet; this Christmas Gift Guide is tailor-made for you. Christmas is just around the corner, your mega-rich spouse is expecting something extra-special, but he's already snagged that island, the custom built jet with swimming pool and solid gold golf set that you planned on getting him.

But don't despair! We've got plenty of inventive ways to spend your billions in Tech Digest's Christmas Gift Guide to "Stupidly Expensive Gifts For The Man That Has It All".

Just don't forget to slip a tenner (or ten thousand) in the post to us for all our hard work once you've browsed our suggestions.

When you're done here, be sure to check out the rest of Tech Digest's 2011 Christmas wishlists too.


Yes thats right! The South Korean government has taken control of people's online gaming by enforcing a Shutdown Law by switching off all online services from midnight to 6am for all gamers sixteen or under.

Originally only meant to affect PC gaming, Sony and Microsoft Korea have now confirmed that all accounts for under sixteens will be shut off for the night in compliance with the law. This is a very drastic measure to combat Korea's late night gaming addiction and making sure that the youth of the country get six hours of sleep a night.

Sony and Microsoft will now also not allow players under the age of sixteen to make new PSN or Xbox Live accounts. Both companies have said it will be difficult to implement the shutdown laws in such a short space of time and they are unsure when their own systems will be in place.

Microsoft are going to find this a much harder system to implement, as Xbox Live does not register age data when signing in, so Microsoft are actually considering shutting down the whole Xbox Live system for all players no matter what their age during the time period! Nintendo is yet to comment on how they will handle the situation.

However there are a few flaws to this new law we feel. For starters, this is only shutting down online capabilities, not the consoles themselves. Players could quite easily (I'm not sure about happily) switch over to single player games when the shutdown begins. Just because the PSN network has shut down doesn't mean all teenage gamers are automatically going to think, "oh well its time for bed now", and toddle off to get tucked in.

Also many critics have said that the law does little to nothing about addressing why children are staying up late to play games, and there is no concrete evidence to suggest that late night online gaming is harmful to people.


Taiwan's biggest media group, the United Daily News has partnered up with a revolutionary augmented browser firm called Aurasma to create the worlds first augmented national daily newspaper. Images, editorials and advertising are all interactive by simply placing your mobile device's camera over the piece.

United Daily News have around one million readers daily and all will now be able to use Aurasma to create multimedia experiences from their newspaper. Launched in July this year, Aurasma has had over two million downloads to date on both Apple devices and high-powered Android phones. The technology works by using cutting edge image and pattern recognition technology to recognise real world images and objects.

Users of the service can access interactive content such as videos and animations by simply pointing their camera towards the image. Such symbols that I have tried out so far are a Diet Coke logo, 'The Who' album cover and even a Tottenham Hotspurs football shirt.

Martina King, Managing Director of Aurasma, said, "Look at any newspaper today and chances are advertising inside will be carrying the 'A' logo - identifying to readers that it is Aurasma enabled. It is an incredible achievement just fourth months after our launch.'

The Application is available for free on both Android market and the App store as a lite version. It features different features that can be used on logos as well as global locations which include the Empire State Building and Big Ben.

This technology is really interesting and can be used as a bit of light hearted fun but it could also have a lot of real world implications. Using it in Educational purposes, for medical students, in mechanical or engineering situations. There are so many opportunities for one piece of technology.

Giants Windows Phone Built in NYC

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Microsoft see their latest phone releases as something of a big deal, in the case of this video a 6 storey deal. This giant Windows phone was built in New York to advertise the release of 4 new Windows phones over the christmas period.

Via: Windows Facebook page

screenshot-secondlife[4].jpgThose of you planning to shift a massive shipment of cocaine/smack/clarkey cat through Second Life; first off, you're idiots. Secondly, think twice; the FBI have got your little virtual world on lock down.

Second Life have been added to the Federal Bureau of Intelligence's latest "National Gang Threat Assessment" list, stating that would-be crooks are using the virtual world to organise criminal activities, making Second Life a threat comparable to the Hell's Angels, Latin Kings and Los Zetas.

Head to page 41 of the report, and you'll find this excerpt on the network:

Second Life is a computer-based virtual world with a simulated environment where users inhabit and interact via avatars, or graphical representations the virtual world may depict a real world or a fantasy world. Users communicate through text-chat and real-time voice-based chat. Second Life provides versatility and anonymity and allows for covert communications. Because of its anonymity and versatility, gang members could potentially use second life to recruit, spread propaganda, commit other crimes such as drug trafficking, and receive training for real-world criminal operations.

Seriously FBI, you've excelled yourselves this year with the wierd additions to the list. As if Second Life wasn't stupid enough as it is, the FBI are also tracking Juggalos, AKA fans of the Insane Clown Posse. Fans of any (c)rap collective capable of anything as unintentionally ridiculous and hilarious as this are surely harmless, right?

F**king Magnets!

Smell-o-Vision? Remember that? The idea that you could smell what you were watching on TV? Well the concept may be set for a comeback thanks to a small French company called Olf-Action.

They're getting ready to display at the Lisbon Design Show a nostril-bothering gadget called the SMELLIT, designed to replicate the smell of certain on-screen scenarios. Though little is known about SMELLIT beyond a few nifty design renders, the company have already had one roll of the pongy dice in cinemas, bringing "Odoravision" to a few screens to accompany a few films with retro-fitted smell tracks.

Does it work? We're not sure. Do we want it? We're even less sure of that. Still, if any eventual product looks half as good as the renders displayed below, it sure beats the old Noel's House Party smelly scratchcard trick that UK readers of a certain age are certain to remember anyway.

And, looking at the "scent list" Olf Action are touting, we'd be lying if we didn't say we aren't intrigued to find out what the "smell of the good mood" is.

Scroll down for a few shots of the SMELLIT:

VIDEO: Kinect can now give you a boob job


Who needs costly surgery when you can go from an A-cup to a double F-cup in the blink of an eye with Microsoft's Kinect motion controller?!

This latest bizarre hack from Japan (where else?) gives both male and female players jiggly, jaggy boobs that look a perfect fit for a Madonna bra circa-1990.

A broken-English description of the hack on its official site reads:

'Using Kinect, is a virtual big breasts. "Marker-less" representation "3D" Advanced "touch busty" "several people play" features and so on.'

If "Advanced Touch Busty" wasn't creepy enough, listen out for the kids TV-style soundtrack the researchers have laid over the top of the video above.

Japanese speaking Tech Digest fans can grab some more info from the website here, as well as download the hack to try out for yourselves.

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