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warner_home_video.jpgWarner Brothers has announced that it has signed a number of deals with large online video networks to show ad-supported branded channels such as,, plus two new channels showing classic and science fiction programming.

The channels will be available on Joost, TiVo, Sling Media, Daily Motion, and Veoh networks, with WB hoping to attract viewers from the 16-34 age group who are increasingly using mobile and Internet services in preference to traditional TV channels.

joost_logo.gifAccording to a report in the Sunday Times business section, online video portal Joost could be about to retreat back to the US, following ongoing problems with getting media and sports companies to sell it global rights to show programming over the web.

"The company is expected to rein in its global ambitions to focus solely on the US market," the article says. Of course, that's a huge market, and it may be easier to convince rights holders to allow content to be shown within one country.

Coke teams up with Joost for Web TV widget


coke-bubbles-joost.pngExciting news if you're a Joost user: you can now send clips from the Telly 2.0 service's channels to friends. But weirdly, Joost has teamed up with Coca-Cola to do it.

How? Well, it's a widget called Coke Bubbles. You start watching a show, and then press the 'Create Bottle' option in the widget, before using sliders to set what clip you want to send. Then type in a comment, enter your mate's email address, and Bob's your Web 2.0 uncle.

It sounds like a neat and slick feature, but I can't help wondering why this isn't just part of Joost, rather than being branded as a Coke widget. But while Joost is on a widget tip, I'd love to see one that lets me transfer Joost shows onto my iPhone to watch later...

Coke Bubbles website (via PaidContent)

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Joost to enter live-streaming market early 2008

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joost-logo3.jpgNow that Joost has opened the floodgates and are allowing minions in willy-nilly, they've announced a huge incentive for people to join up. From early 2008, they'll be live-streaming TV in the US, as well as their usual pre-packaged video fare.

Sadly it looks like it'll start out streaming sports first, and then hopefully enter the full-blown television market. They're also looking into offering a 'catch-up' service, where users will be able to stream live shows on-demand minutes after they've finished. Fingers crossed it proves popular, so we can see it on our shores next year, with better content than just sport. Like, err, Corrie.

Joost (via Gizmodo)

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joost-logo.jpgJoost, the online TV streamer which we got quite excited about and then promptly forgot, once we discovered the joys of streaming from Joox, has just been opened up to the public officially.

It's been in beta for quite some time, with users only able to play around with its nifty interface and sadly uninteresting TV shows, but yesterday on the Joost blog it was announced anyone can sign up. So, has the content improved since we last looked at it on Tech Digest? Well, err...Viacom has partnered up with the Skype founders behind Joost, and are allowing shows from MTV, BET, Comedy Central and a few films from Paramount to be streamed. CBS, CNN and Major League Baseball have all joined forces as well, however the choices are all fairly limited. Unless you like Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, which it seems to be showing every time I log in to Joost.

Joost (via Ars Technica)

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Joost gets its own unofficial Flash mash-up


Cor! Someone's only gone and made a version of Joost that works within your web browser, rather than making you download a dedicated application.

It's called Joost Flash Mashup, and it's the work of developer Paul Yanez, who decided to make it after getting fed up at having to continually upgrade the downloadable Joost client. All you need is a web browser with the latest version of Flash, and you're sorted.

What's more, he's given the content a tweak too, pulling in RSS feeds from video sites like YouTube, Veoh, Google Video, MySpace, Digg and *cough* Pornotube. He's managed to squeeze nearly all of Joost's widgets into the Flash version too, as well as an extra one to let users chat using their webcams.

Joost Flash Mashup (via NewTeeVee)

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stu-mugshot2.jpgStuart Dredge writes...

On British TV, a million viewers isn’t anything to shout about unless you’re a niche digital channel. But online, news that Telly 2.0 service Joost has signed up over a million users will be greeted by cheers.

The service, which is still in beta, can now legitimately claim it has momentum - an important weapon in the war to sign up more users, and also negotiate deals to get better and higher-profile content for its service.

If you watch 10 shows on Joost this week...


Phew. Now that I've ditched my valiant-yet-sluggish Mac Mini for a ninja Core 2 Duo PC, I've actually been able to get onto Joost, the Telly 2.0 service that's promising to revolutionise the way I watch TV (i.e. enable me to never have to watch Loose Women ever again).

So, every week I'm going to be picking out ten new shows that are worth watching on Joost, including their dedicated Joost Links to fire them up if you use the service. Enjoy...

1. The Long Blondes at Nottingham Rock City (pictured). Part of's live channel, this shows the Sheffield band at their best. Yes, many of you will fall head over heels in lust with the singer too... Watch it

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