Stats show Myspace and Bebo social networks struggling

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We all know by now that Facebook has really trounced the competition in the social networking stakes, but lets spare a thought for those floundering in its wake. New statisitcs published by HitWise have shown that both Bebo and Myspace…

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Hiogi launches – a crowdsourced mobile answers service

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What do you get if you cross Yahoo! answers with a service with Texperts, AQA or 63336? Hiogi. It’s a free service, accessible via the web, mobile web, text, skype or email, which lets you ask questions and get replies. The German-based start-up has just come out of private beta.

What you basically do is ask a question, and then wait till the community answers it for you. When the answer comes back you can rate it positively or negatively depending on whether it’s correct or useful or not. On the answering side, you download a ticket which gives you questions. Once you see one that you can answer, you can reserve it for 10 mins to answer it.

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