CES 2010: Final Thoughts

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The Consumer Electronics show, the behemoth of tech, the Valhalla of gadgetry, has come and gone for yet another year. But this time, rather than arriving with a bang, it slinked into sight with something more like a whimper. CES…

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CES 2010: Day 3 Round-Up

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Another day, another Tech Digest CES 2010 round-up. Fancy Tweeting hands-free in your car or controlling your PC by breathing? Check today's top stories below and find out how. Twitter coming to Ford cars The digital equivalent of drink-driving? Motorola…

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Grey Warships of Death preparing for Blue Screen of Death – UK Navy fleet updates to Windows 2000 and XP

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The UK’s warship fleet is getting itself an update, with versions of worst-windows-ever Windows 2000 and best-windows-ever XP rolling out across the fleet.

First to replace its ageing custom software with the “new” Windows operating systems is the HMS Montrose, which will soon enter a refitting phase where its old kit will be replaced by standard PCs.

The Type 23 frigates, which make up the bulk of our sea-faring death machines, are expected to gradually switch over to Windows machines as and when they’re due for a servicing, and, as ever, it’s all about reducing costs. Navy man Commodore Graham Peach said the Windows-based warships “will enable us to provide…

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Microsoft on viruses and malware: It's not our fault, guv.

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Turns out that the vast majority of virus attacks are against badly-written third-party software, rather than Windows itself. So claims Microsoft, anyway, in the graph to the right. In XP, 58% of attacks target third party software, and in Vista, 94% target third-parties. The most popular targets are Apple’s Quicktime, Realplayer and Winzip.

When you drill down to the top ten browser vulnerabilities, Microsoft admit that they account for half of the biggest flaws on XP, including by far the top one, but on Vista, they don’t feature in the top ten at all – the number one place goes to a bit of software called Baofeng, which I suspect is a toolbar of some sort…

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HP announces Mini 1000 and Compaq Mini 700 netbooks, including designer option

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HP Mini 1000 front view.jpg

Just a couple of days after the leak, HP has announced details of the Mini 1000, in both standard and designer editions, as well as the Compaq Mini 700.

The HP Mini 1000, at 25.2mm thin and weighing 1.1kg, features a 10.2-inch widescreen display, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, either 8GB or 16GB SSD, webcam/mic, WLAN, and Bluetooth. Depending on operating system configuration, you can choose from 512MB or 1GB of RAM (XP Home) or 1GB/2GB (MIE Linux).

Bundled with the hardware is HP’s new Mobile Internet Experience software and HP MediaStyle, for “one-stop entertainment through a single interface”. In other words, it’s a dashboard interface which lets you play music, watch videos, visit favourite web sites, read email, and so on. Great for the everyday consumer, perhaps, but those wanting a stripped down netbook might want to turn off the “always on” applications…

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Microsoft keeps XP on life support for another six months

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In a not-entirely-unanticipated development, Microsoft have once again announced that you’ll be able to continue buying Windows XP for another six months. Expect a similar announcement in another six months’ time. Microsoft was originally going to stop selling XP in January, but this announcement extends the deadline to next July.

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Microsoft revealing "technical information" regarding Windows 7 in October, says W7 dev blog

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Fantastic. Just when we’ve finally turned off everything in Vista, deleted half of it and got it working and looking something like good old XP again, Microsoft starts preparing to change the game once more.

According to the nerds working on it, MS will “provide in-depth technical information” regarding the…

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The honeymoon is over: Intel snubs Microsoft's Windows Vista as XP sales are officially ended

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Although chip-maker Intel has been totally BFF with Microsoft for like years and years, their relationship now seems to be on very rocky ground. An anonymous insider from Intel revealed last week that the company has decided not to upgrade the computers for its 80,000 strong work force to Windows Vista. Not ever.

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Asus "Bamboo" EcoBook laptop now just slightly laminated on the inside

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Remember this thing? That was the mock-up. The dream. The reality, as ever, is much more disappointing than the original crazed fantasy. The final Asus U6 now just comes with a small strip of wood surrounding the keyboard and screen, no doubt to stop warping and to help it pass stringent modern fire regulations.

So it’s not really an “eco-friendly” laptop any more. It’s now just a regular notebook with a bit of wood stuck on the front of it. It’s more of a design statement than a planet-saving option…

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