Spotify now free on Windows Phone

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Music streaming service Spotify is now free on the Windows Phone app, after unveiling an ad-supported and shuffle-mode which came to iOS and Android earlier this year. Previously, Windows Phone users were only able to stream via the Spotify app with a premium subscription, which includes ad-free mobile and offline listening. Now, Windows Phone streams…

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Microsoft clones Snapchat with WindUp

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It seems that even Microsoft is now cloning Snapchat with its own Windows Phone app. Microsoft Research has published a messaging app in the Windows Phone store that behaves exactly like Snapchat, as spotted by Neowin. The app is called WindUp, works on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, and is available to download…

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WATCH: Cortana outsmart Siri

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There is no love lost between Apple and Microsoft, and in a new TV ad for its Halo-inspired Cortana virtual assistant, Microsoft pokes a bit of fun at Apple's Siri. Bringing back memories of Apple's Mac vs PC campaigns, the advert presents a series of commands which Cortana is able to intelligently process, while Siri…

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Spotify Windows Phone 8 app leaps out of beta, bolsters offline playlist support

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A new update for music-streaming service Spotify's Windows Phone 8 app has been released today, finally bringing the app out of the beta testing phase and bringing with it a host of new features. Version 2.0.4933.0 is now available to…

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Samsung smartphones now account for nearly half of all sold in Europe

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Got a smartphone? Live in Europe? Then there's a good chance you've got one of Samsung's many smartphones sitting in your pocket. New data shows that nearly half of all smartphones sold in Europe now come out of Samsung's stable….

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BlackBerry 10 can't stop Windows Phone overtaking as third-most used smartphone OS, Android still king

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There's no shaking Google's Android and Apple's iOS from first and second place respectively at the top of the smartphone user number rankings charts, but the battle for third place is a corker. The latest stats have just come in…

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