Dell Flash, Thunder and Smoke Android handsets leak too!

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Quite the day for Dell leaks; first the Lightning handset, then the Looking Glass tablet PC and now three smartphones. The Dell Thunder, Smoke and Flash handsets have now also leaked. It's all starting to sound a bit like a…

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LG's first Windows Phone 7 Series handset spotted

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Windows Phone 7 Series was Microsoft's shockingly cool looking trump card at Mobile World Congress 2010. They've showed off the software, and now it looks like Microsoft are ready to start flashing the hardware too, as an LG-manufactured Windows Phone…

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Google Analytics Mobile app hits WinMo phones

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SynergeTech Solutions have just released a Google Analytics Mobile app for Windows Mobile phones. The app lets you review your website's latest trends on the go, straight from your mobile. Google Analytics Mobile can: – Support accounts with multiple website…

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MWC 2010: HTC HD2 's little brother, the HTC HD mini launched

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The HTC HD2 was one of last year's most sought after handsets, with its brilliant display and slick touchscreen interface. With the HTC HD Mini, you get all the same features of the HTC HD2 squeezed down into a more…

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MWC 2010: Day 1 Round Up

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Day 1 of Mobile World Congress 2010 has come to a close. Here's the first of our daily round-ups of the event, which today includes the official unveiling of Windows Mobile 7 and a smattering of new Sony Ericsson handsets…

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MWC 2010: Microsoft press conference reveals WinMo 7

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The Microsoft 2010 press conference has revealed the WinMo 7 OS, just as expected. What wasn't perhaps so expected was just how drastically different it was to previous Windows Mobile offerings. "This really is about the phones and how consumers…

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Opera Mini for iPhone to be unveiled at MWC 2010

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Apple haven't historically been too keen on introducing browsers to rival Safari onto the App store. However, Opera are so confident that their Opera Mini browser will pass Apple's vigorous application process that they plan to showcase it at this…

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ComScore research shows iPhone use overtake WinMo for the first time in the US

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According to new research carried out by ComScore, the iPhone has overtaken Windows Mobile as the 2nd most used OS behind Blackberry's RIM. This is the first time Apple have overtaken Microsoft in the US mobile market. Things are likely…

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