The Digest: Internet giants ‘in denial’ over terror… and 6 other things people are talking about today

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GCHQ director attacks tech giants for being 'in denial' over terrorism | Huffington Post "The new head of Britain's electronic eavesdropping agency has accused internet firms of being in denial of the role their networks play in terrorism and demanded they open themselves up more to intelligence services. GCHQ director Robert Hannigan said…

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Is Microsoft really going to force people to use Windows 8?

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The Windows operating system has been around for quite a while now - the first iteration, Windows 1.0, was released all the way back in 1985. The current version is the somewhat unpopular Windows 8 – many people have stuck with Windows 7, which was released in 2009. Now Microsoft has announced that it is set…

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HANDS-ON: NEC LaVie Z ultrabook is the lightest in the world

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How light do you think the world's lightest ultrabook could be? 2KG? 1.5KG? How about just 875grams. That's what you get if you pick up the NEC LaVie Z ultrabook, the lightest in the world, shedding the pounds without shedding…

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CES 2012: Kinect motion controlling its way to Windows in February

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Those longing to get a-tinkering on Windows platforms with Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor for Xbox 360 will be pleased to hear that the Redmond firm will be releasing its Kinect for Windows SDK on the 1st of February. Microsoft…

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Parallels Desktop 7 unleashing the power in Apple

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We all know that Apple produce some of the most powerful laptops and desktops that need no configuration at all. The build quality of the computers is second to none, im actually writing this on a four year old…

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