“Will.i.am”‘s “i.am PULS” “smartwatch” coming to the UK on O2

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Noting that Bono is getting a little bit too much coverage in the tech press, younger challenger for the title of "person who you assume is a bellend but can't really explain why", musician Will.i.am has announced details of his forthcoming smartwatch, known as the "i.am PULS". Yeah, with that spelling. The watch is somewhat…

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Tapulous to follow Tap Tap Revenge iPhone app success with Riddim Ribbon game featuring the Black Eyed Peas

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Taplulous' Tap Tap Revenge iPhone app proved a surprise success, taking on the rhythm gaming big-guns like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and beating them at their own game. Tap Tap Revenge proved wildly popular, and now Tapulous are looking…

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