If you like titties with your tech, check out Page 3 Keeley Hazel's Byte Me TV debut

Katherine Hannaford Internet 1 Comment

keeley-hazel.jpgKeeley Hazel? Of topless Page 3 fame? Starring in a web TV show about computers?

I didn’t think she even knew how to turn a computer on, and evidently, she may indeed not, for her role in Byte Me TV (yes, really), doesn’t stray far from real life, as she plays a blonde dizzy girl wanting to discover…

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Opinion: Why Gordon Brown, Dr Tanya Byron and the Nanny State should stay out of technology

Jonathan Weinberg Columns & Opinion 1 Comment

Jon_small_new.jpgWhen does a Government go too far in a bid to protect its citizens? When it locks people up without a charge? When it bans people from taking to the streets and puts them under curfew? Or when it employs a TV presenter to look at how the Internet and computer games are harming the nation’s youngsters?

This week it’s been announced Dr Tanya Byron – star of such TV greats as House of Tiny Tearaways – is to preside over a review of what effect the web and console adventures are having on kids across Britain. And I for one find it not only laughable, but downright disgusting that Gordon Brown and his cohorts think they have the right to interfere in our lives which such a pointless exercise…

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SpaceTime web browser hasn't been created by Jobs and Gates, promise…

Katherine Hannaford Internet Leave a Comment

SpaceTime may look like it’s a child born out of wedlock between Windows Vista and Mac OS X on a summer holiday in Majorca when a boozy night went a bit pear-shaped, however the 3D web browser isn’t actually related to them at all.

The application is free for PCs, and there’s a version swinging its way over to Mac soon. Check out the video above for a glimpse at what it can do, and to hear…

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Opinion: Stamp out striking posties with email

Jonathan Weinberg Columns & Opinion, Internet, Websites 1 Comment

Jon_small_new.jpgJonathan Weinberg writes…

For those outside the UK, the reason for this rant won’t mean much but the wider implications affect us all wherever we live. We’re currently in the grip of a nationwide wildcat postal strike in Britain and it’s started to get me more steamed up than that kettle you use to open your partner’s letters.

And it got me thinking, what’s the point of post anyway now we have email. I’ve had a pile of stamps sitting on my desk for months.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for workers rights, fair pay for a fair day and all that, and I love my new postie, he’s very friendly and helpful. But the sooner everyone switches over to electronic delivery and snail mail dies off, the better life will be…

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Opinion: Panorama fight video expose proves the web needs policing

Jonathan Weinberg Columns & Opinion, Internet, Top stories, Websites 1 Comment

Jon_small_new.jpgJonathan Weinberg writes…

It takes a lot to shock me and I thought – having worked on and with the internet for the past seven years – that I knew the majority of its positives and negatives. But I’m truly appalled by BBC1’s Panorama investigation into real-life violent videos uploaded onto the web.

Shown on the channel last night, reporters looked at the people who film the sickening scenes, those who have fallen prey to the stupidly named “happy-slapping” attacks (do you see the victims smiling?) and it also focused on the firms allowing such videos to be shown to millions of cyberspace viewers…

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