iPad, iPhone kings of UK mobile traffic, Android rules in USA

Gerald Lynch Android, Apple, Internet, iPad, iPhone, iPhone, Mobile phones, Tablet, Tech Digest news 23 Comments

New data by web experts Comscore has revealed that Apple's iPad and iPhone devices are the gadgets of choice when it comes to mobile web browsing in the UK, and by a wide margin too. Once computers are taken out…

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10% of web users take SICK PLEASURE from browsing while on the toilet

Gary Cutlack Computers, Internet, Laptops / Notebooks, Web 2.0, Websites, Weirdness 5 Comments


What is WRONG with you people? A survey by leading UK internet facilitator Plusnet has found that one-in-ten people have done some web browsing while on the toilet, either at work or risking a written warning by endangering company equipment in the workplace loo.

35% of users regularly go online from the comfort of bed, preferring to anonymously slag a few people off on the internet as a happy and relaxing way to end the day, with 85% of all web users currently hooked up via wi-fi and able to use their PCs wherever they damn well like and TO HELL with public perception…

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Linux-based WizPy plays MP3s and videos, offers web browsing, e-book reading, VoIP…

Katherine Hannaford MP3 players, VoiP 2 Comments

A Linux post so soon after the other one this morning? Blame the ASUS eee PC, which has brought the OS from geeks’ bedrooms into the mainstream public eye.

This WizPy device is a music and movie player, and also records audio, plays FM radio, offers web browsing capabilities, e-book reading, and…

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