Vodafone Live Guy: Day 9 – Bristol


Recognise this place? Apparently it’s in Bristol, somewhere round the Old Vic by the looks of things. Of course, in the time I’ve taken to write this, Live Guy’s now moved on to some big ferris wheel somewhere, so if you want to catch the man dishing out the free Dell netbooks then you’d best get over to his blog, follow him on Twitter and study his GPS trail.

No one’s found him today…

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Daniel SungVodafone Live Guy: Day 9 – Bristol

VIDEO: Live Guy Diaries – Newcastle

“Cold” is the word that springs to mind when I look at StylistBrighton’s latest Live Guy Video Diary of day three of the treasure hunt for free netbooks in Newcastle. It looks bloody cold up there. So cold that not even the winner of a new piece of cutting edge tech could break a smile. I will say one thing for him though. “Twiiter” sounds so much better in a Geordie accent…

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Daniel SungVIDEO: Live Guy Diaries – Newcastle

Vodafone Live Guy: Day 3 – Newcastle


Way ay man! Day 3, Newcastle, and Live Guy’s already been caught! The fool obviously didn’t eat his Ready Brek this morning or drink his Brown Ale or whatever was on the menu.

This lucky gent, whose name according to Live Guy’s Blog is Dan Robins, has bagged himself a nice, new free Dell netbook but there are a further three to win from midday today…

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Daniel SungVodafone Live Guy: Day 3 – Newcastle