World of Warcraft – a religion?

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A student from Colorado University has a rather left-field suggestion regarding Blizzard’s insanely popular MMO – it’s a religion.

Invoking French sociologist Danil Hervieu-Lger’s definition of a religion as consisting of community, ethics, culture and emotion, Theo Zijderveld determined that World of Warcraft fits the bill. Find out how over the jump.

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Twadio – silent radio station launches on Twitter

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Are you listening to music? Turn it down, or off for a moment. Now go visit @tweejay on Twitter, and sing along in your head for a moment to whatever’s at the top. Congratulations, you’ve just enjoyed the delights of Twadio.

It’s the first ‘silent radio station’, where every five minutes, a song is posted. Listeners who sign up are notified via @tweejay, and across the world, the same song suddenly gets stuck in millions of people’s heads. Brilliant, or an evil plot to get “U can’t touch this” in your head? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Tweejay (via @dubber)

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gCubik: put a virtual 3D person in a box

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How would you like to put your girlfriend in a box? Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right, but Japanese researchers have developed a prototype which could allow you to do just that — at least, with a virtual representation of your girlfriend.

gCubik would allow people to hold a 3D image of a person in their hand. “Suppose you have a picture of your girlfriend smiling on your desk. She could be smiling as a 3D image in a cube,” said Shunsuke Yoshida from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology…

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Games consoles get 5-10 years, so says Xbox-ex Sandy Duncan

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games consoles 200 pix.jpg

The new Nostradamus of the computing world, Sandy Duncan, has prophesied that the end is nigh for the games console.

Mr Duncan, the former boss of Xbox Europe, said: “The industry is fundamentally driven by technology. I think dedicated games devices, i.e. consoles and handhelds, will die out in the next five to ten years.”

“I don’t think you’ll have any box at all under your TV; most of this stuff will be “virtualised” as web services by your content provider.”…

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"Smart Goggle" will remember whether you put your keys in the oven or fridge while drunk last night

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The whole idea of Terminator/Predator style augmented vision is shaping up nicely in Japan right now, thanks to the efforts of another group of clever augmented-reality scientists.

The rather bulky set of glasses to the left there features a camera and display, with the camera feeding data to a clever – and apparently the “best yet” – object recognition system…

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Puzzle your groupies with ThinkGeek's Air Musician Virtual Guitar watch

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air-musician-virtual-guitar.jpgIt’s no Guitar Hero II: Legends of Rock, but the Air Musician Virtual Guitar over at ThinkGeek will have you belting out the notes in no time.

It’s dead easy to use too, by the looks of things. All you need to do is strap it to your wrist, select a song, and off you go. With…

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Virtual Worlds Week: More World of Warcraft gamers in the US than actual farmers

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farmer-grass.jpgAccording to tech blog, which understandably has a vested interest in reporting such figures. As do we. Power to the WoW players, I say! I can’t wait until the day when we’re all wandering around IRL, donning battle hats and swords.

Just two million Americans live and work on ranches and farms, however World of Warcraft gamers in the US? Four million. Uh-huh. Power to the people, everyone. So next time someone tries to convince you rural…

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Hot gossip regarding the HTC Touch: new colours, and virtual keyboard

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alt="HTC-Touch-artic-silver-2.jpg" src="" width="131" height="214" />One thing I forgot to mention on Monday after I got back to Shiny Towers from the uber-special HTC launch, was that the first Touch version will be getting all jazzed up in some special clothes just in time for Christmas.

Next week, the Touch, which is currently available only in black and wasabe green, will be available in a special…

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