Video games blamed for rise in rickets

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Gaming is coming under fire once again. But before you brace yourself for the usual arguments concerning in-game violence and sexual content, be prepared for something of a Dickensian twist. For gaming is not being blamed here for a rise…

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YouTube Video of the Week: Die! Santa! Die!

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We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve managed to accidentally kill Santa. What on earth do you do with the body? With all the blood, vomit, axes and knives you’ll need over the festive season, this trailer (sadly not for a real film) puts the “ho ho ho” back in “homicide”.

Oh, and for added hilarity, run it through the Bennyhillifier.

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Which? Computing names high street shops selling violent games to 15 year-old girls

Al W Gaming 1 Comment


Good morning, children. Remember how I told you yesterday about a simple way of ordering 18-rated video games online without an age check? Well forget all that complicated postal order crap. A Which? Computing investigation has found that there are actually high street shops out there merrily flogging games to under-age players.

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Need to relax? Try playing a violent video game!

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A recent study suggests that violent video games may make people more relaxed — but only if their personality is already predisposed to being fairly relaxed.

Surprise of surprises: if you’re already aggressive or violent, then playing a violent game isn’t likely to calm you down, and you may well choose to beat someone up outside your local whether or not you’ve had a heavy WoW day. Your Mileage May Vary…

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Tabloids paying cash for anti-video games stories

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Last week’s Byron Report looked like it might have a calming influence on the ever increasing levels of sensationalism surrounding video games and help bring the public’s perception of games into a more accepting future. I know, I know – it’s appalling really. Thank god for British tabloid rags. They’re ready to step up and dredge every seedy gutter for a story or twenty that will make you lock your doors in terrified realisation that the outside world really is populated by roving bands of video game obsessed PSYCHOPATHS…

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Gordon Brown wants Citizen's Jury to discuss game violence

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gordon-brown.jpgGun-toting teenage gangs on the streets of Liverpool? You could blame Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto, or you could look at the wider issues around Britain’s emerging gang culture, look at how the adults who arm these children are getting hold of drugs and guns, before tackling the socio-economic reasons why so many kids are turning to petty crime in the first place.

Anyway, Gordon Brown is plumping for Plan A…

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