ViewSonic VSD220: Kooky Android PC/ 22-inch tablet monitor revealed

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Is it an oversized, desktop Android tablet? Or a touchscreen PC with Android smarts? Or something new altogether? We're not entirely sure, but ViewSonic's freshly revealed VSD220 screen has certainly caught our attention. A 22-inch touchscreen all-in-one computer, ViewSonic's VSD220…

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MWC 2012: Dual-Sim ViewSonic ViewPhone 4e, 4s and 5e handsets revealed

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Following on from the V350 dual-SIM smartphone they released back in 2011, ViewSonic have unleashed a bevy of new dual-SIM Android handsets at Mobile World Congress 2012. The ViewPhone 4s, ViewPhone 4e, ViewPhone 5e and ViewPhone 3 will all…

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REVIEW: ViewSonic V3D245 3D monitor

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Like it or loathe it, it seems 3D is here to stay, be that on your living room TV, your local cinema screen or even in your pocket on a mobile device. 3D's near-imminent ubiquity even extends to the office, with 3D an increasingly common feature of the latest PC monitors. Just like all other 3D gadgets though, 3D monitors can be a pain to set up with multiple compatible devices needed, as well as needing a fair amount of cash to being with. ViewSonic's latest offering, theV3D245, aims at both affordability and ease of use with it's built in Nvidia 3D Vision transmitter and accompanying glasses. But is it any good?

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VIDEO: MWC 2011 Top Ten Best In Show Phones and Tablets

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As the dust settles over another Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, it's time to reflect on the best new gear previewed at the 2011 event. From LG's 3D tablet to Facebook's tie-in with HTC, it's been a show that,…

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MWC 2011: ViewSonic V350 dual-3G SIM smartphone preview video

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ViewSonic have rocked up at MWC 2011 with a very interesting handset in the shape of the V350. While its initial specs seem pretty standard (3.5 inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.2, 5 MP still camera) it sets itself apart…

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MWC 2011: ViewSonic ViewPad 4 smartphone/tablet hybrid preview video

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As much a stonking smartphone as it is a tiny tablet, ViewSonic have launched the ViewPad 4 hybrid at MWC 2011 this week. An angular Android handset that will launch with the latest Gingerbread build , it's a 4 inch…

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