For the technophile narcissist; the Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror

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Pocket mirrors are so last decade. If you want to look pixel-perfect these days, you need to get yourself in front of an augmented reality cosmetic mirror. It's the latest craze to hit Tokyo malls; you sit yourself down…

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Ion Twin Video Camcorder features two-way/twin lens recording

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Here's a novel new approach to camcorders. The Ion Twin Video features two cameras which record simultaneously in two back-to-back directions, producing a picture-in-picture recording. It looks quite a lot like the Flip, hooking up to a PC via USB,…

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Facebook polls users on whether they'd pay for vanity URLs

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Social networking goliath Facebook is considering offering paid-for vanity URLs to users. It would mean that, for a fee, you’d be able to get

The URLs might go through a bidding process, so that whoever bids the highest gets access to a particular shortcode. The site currently only offers them to selected high-profile users to encourage them to use the site more.

Most sites usually take a ‘first-come, first-served’ approach to usernames, but that’s resulted in many companies having trouble getting their trademarks because they’re being squatted on by other users. Companies that try and shift the squatters often gain intense criticism.

Would you pay for a vanity URL on Facebook? If it wasn’t too expensive, I think I might. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter – message @techdigest.

(via AllFacebook)

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