Dyson reveals world's fastest ever motor

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Normally, we wouldn’t bother reporting about the release of a hand-held vacuum cleaner. They’re just not that exciting. But James Dyson – the man who revolutionised the vacuum cleaner and washing machine industries – has claimed that the DC 31’s motor is the “fastest motor in the world, by a long stretch”.

104,000 revolutions per minute make the motor ten times faster than the one found in a Boeing 747 and five times quicker than an F1 car’s motor. I bet the plane and the F1 car could still beat the vacuum cleaner in a race though.

Dyson has stated that the DC 31 is just the first of a long line of products that will include the new motor. He said: “It’s radical. It’s completely different technology. We are the only company in the world producing a switched reluctance motor.”

Get your Dyson DC 31 here. It’s £129.99. Or £149.99 for the Animal version.

(via The Telegraph)

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Shiny Video Preview: Dyson & Issey Miyake's DC16 handheld

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On Wednesday evening, Alex and I spent all night vacuum cleaning. Yes, it’s what we do on our nights off from Shiny Towers. We’re simply wiiiiilllld.

Ok, technically, it was a night ‘on’, as we were at a Dyson event, getting hands-on with their new DC16 model, which was made in collaboration with the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. Both Issey Miyake…

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Dyson and Issey Miyake team up to create the world's campest vacuum cleaner

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Paris Fashion Week may well be over, but that just means it’s time for the couture fashion to trickle down from the catwalk to our household appliances. Take this new vacuum cleaner from Dyson for example, which has been made in collaboration with fashion designer Issey Miyake.

Made especially for Paris Fashion Week, the Creative Director, Dai Fujiwara, behind the avant garde Japanese design house got busy with James Dyson, with the end result being the DC16 you can see above. Our gal-pals at Catwalk Queen tell us it’s been designed using Issey Miyake’s trademark…

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Video Review: iRobot Roomba XE robot vacuum cleaner

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I'm still convinced that the nefarious brains behind the current generation of robot vacuum cleaners are trying to sneak them into our homes, ready to enslave humanity at a moment's notice. Or just revolt by making our carpets a bit dusty and sucking up the cat's tail, at least.

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