Video Preview: A look at of BBC iPlayer's new features

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The BBC today launched a pretty substantial re-vamp of their iPlayer video-on demand service. Adding customisable modules and integrating social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the BBC look to have really paid attention to what the public have asked…

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Video Interview: BBC iPlayer's Eric Huggers on web TV and social media

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Eric Huggers, Controller of BBC Future Media, was in town today to talk about the latest re-vamped version of BBC iPlayer, Auntie's video on demand service that has taken the nation by storm. Shiny Shiny's Anna was on hand…

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BBC iPlayer gets social networking and customisation features in new update

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The BBC's Anthony Rose and Erik Huggers have today been showing off the fruits of a brand new revamp for the BBC's video on demand service, iPlayer. Customisation options and the introduction of social networking features sit at the top…

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Motorola Milestone gets Android 2.1 update

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UK Motorola Milestone users can wake up to a rather nice treat today. It's been a long time coming, but Milestone users can finally download the Éclair Android 2.1 firmware update. Featuring several new interface features, such as live wallpapers,…

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Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile released

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Hey, I know it’s not the most monumental news story ever but for anyone who uses Windows Mobile any news regarding improvements will surely be welcomed with open arms.


Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile allows users to send files such as spreadsheets, photos, MP3s and so on to other Skype users. It also has SMS functionality so users can avoid expensive roaming text charges, or even-more expensive charges to send texts to foreign numbers.

That’s it. Nothing else to see here. Move along people.

(via JKonTheRun)

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Microsoft announces improvements to Xbox Live

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Microsoft today announced plans to extend the services offered on Xbox live, pushing the console even further from being a pure games machine to include movies too. There’s also plenty of content for existing games, and a gameshow.

Starting with the movies, Microsoft has done a deal with NBC Universal, which means that a limited selection of films will be offered for people to buy using Microsoft points, in both standard and high definition. Average price is £3 – £5, depending on which format you want, and how new the film is.

Then there’s a selection of bonus content for a variety of games. More content for Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3, Tomb Raider, Fable 2, Lips, Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour and Scene It will be available, all of which will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform.

Lastly, there’s going to be some sort of weird quiz show thing called 1 vs 100. Over to Microsoft to explain it: “a completely exclusive, completely interactive television quiz show game giving gamers the chance to compete against each other and win real prizes”. Is anyone even remotely excited about that?

Overall, it’s a decent upgrade to the system and a ‘thankyou’ to owners, but I don’t think it’s going to be selling any new consoles over this. Especially when the company is banning people who identify themselves as a lesbian.

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NOISE GATE: Napster 4.6 – the return of Napster?

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Ahhhh, Napster. Back in 1999, I sat there for days, on a 56kbps connection, downloading music. As a result of that, and Audiogalaxy, I became an enormous music fan and I’ve spent thousands of pounds on music over the years that I’m very convinced that I wouldn’t have spent if it hadn’t been so easy to ‘try before you buy’.

Today the news broke that Napster’s relaunching in the UK. Of course, it’s not the real Napster – it’s what was formerly Roxio – a DRM-based subscription service. The company has just released version 4.6 of its player, which purports to allow subscribers to access and play their music on any internet-connected computer, without downloading any software.

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