Now you can buy a Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control

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Online retailer Firebox has just put on sale a Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser, that can be used not for shooting aliens, but for changing the channel. Unfortunately the press release has already done the best pun available: "Turn it up, Scotty". The replica, which will be officially unveiled next week at San Diego…

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REVIEW: Griffin Beacon universal remote control

Gerald Lynch Features, Gadgets, iPhone apps, Reviews, Tech Digest news, TVs 3 Comments

One device to rule them all? That's the idea behind the Griffin Beacon, a universal remote control kit that works in tandem with your iOS device to control all the gadgets in your house that use a remote control. But is the Beacon a shining light in a murky sea of universal remotes, or is your best bet to dig under the sofa for that dusty lost zapper? Read on to find out.

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Brookstone's voice-activated Handsfree Universal Remote Control

Gary Cutlack Digital set-top boxes, Gadgets, Home cinema 1 Comment


Continuing today’s impromptu theme of dull things made sexy, we bring you this – a remote control. Made sexy.

The pyramid-shaped remote control has been designed to stand on its end. This ruins the fun game that is trying to stand a remote control on its end on the carpet, but maker Brookstone has additional fun-streams lined up for you – this remote is voice-activated…

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