Dead Rising 2 European and Australian release date pushed ahead of the rest of the world

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Dead Rising 2, the zombie slaughter-fest set in a fictitious version of gambler's heaven Las Vegas, has just had its European and Australian release dates pushed forward. Gamers in those territories will now be able to dismember the undead…

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iPhone 4 release date: 24th June in the UK and USA!

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Apple have officially revealed their latest smartphone model, iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010, and with it also comes news of its release date. iPhone 4 will be hitting the UK and United States on June 24th, with pre-orders available…

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Mum tracks down kidnapped children through Facebook

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A Californian mother has tracked down her two missing children through Facebook after they had been kidnapped 15 years earlier. The woman's husband, Faustino Utrera , had left with the children, vowing to never let her contact them again. After…

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International iPad App Store goes live

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The international iPad App Stores have gone live, meaning that early adopters who imported their Apple tablets from the States can now download apps directly from their device. Until now, those who had bought their iPad's from the American pre-order…

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O2 and Vodafone iPad data plans revealed

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Although O2 and Vodafone are yet to announce their iPad data plan packages for themselves, those pre-ordering Apple's tablet today have been given the full run-down on what to expect from both carrier's tariffs. Vodafone offer two simple monthly plans….

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Facebook adds "I've Voted" button for General Election

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If you're a UK resident and haven't been living under a stone for the last month, you'll know that today is vote-casting day in one of the most closely run General Elections in recent history. Facebook, recognising its platform's ability…

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