Apple releases tool to remove free U2 album from iTunes accounts

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One of the major announcements at Apple's iPhone 6 launch last week was the band U2 giving iTunes users around the world a free copy of their new album, Songs of Innocence. The internet went into meltdown, with many people expressing displeasure and even outrage that a band they disliked would give them a free…

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Is Bono the Gavrilo Princip of a new era of corporate control and digital oppression?

James O'Malley Apple, Mobile phones 1 Comment

At the flick of a switch last night, Apple distributed U2's latest album to over 500m iTunes customers. And without us asking, the very worst example of corporate dad-rock began to appear on all of our phones, tablets and computers. Whilst in a just world, the act of inflicting Bono on an already suffering world…

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6 *FREE* Nokia music apps from the Ovi Store: Shazam, Spotify and more!

Gerald Lynch Features, Mobile phones, Round ups, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

"Without music life would be a mistake". Nietzche said that, and he was one of them clever sorts, or so I'm told. Looks like the folks over at Nokia know their German existential philosophy, as this week they're letting…

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Top 5 Saint Patrick's Day iPhone apps

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St Patrick's Day always throws up the best craic of the year. Whether you're a bred-in-the-blood Irishman or a Plastic Paddy, here are the top five apps to get your iPhone in the mood for the Emerald Isle's festivities….

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