Could Twitter cause a recession? The Bank of England turn to social media monitoring.

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The Bank of England's chief economist has announced that the bank will be monitoring social networks, to better understand the state of the economy. According to Sky News, Andy Haldane has been tasked with using "unconventional sources" of data to make economic predications. The thinking is that by monitoring, say, how many people are searching…

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Twitter starts testing “while you were away” Facebook-newsfeed style feature

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Twitter has started testing a new feature which will sort through your tweets since the last time you checked Twitter, and display the most important/relevant ones, without you having to scroll through the whole lot. The news comes via many Twitter users, who have started seeing the section appearing in their app. OMG, it appears…

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88-year-old woman forced to awkwardly tweet to avoid social embarrassment

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An 88-year-old woman was forced to feign interest in Twitter today, as she was shown around a new exhibition on the information age by younger colleagues. The woman, who identified herself only as "Elizabeth R", is thought to be a victim of circumstances that have forced her to continue working - even well after she…

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Is Twitter about to launch direct video uploads?

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Warning: Let's call this speculation. Actor and presenter Robert Llewellyn, who is known for playing Kryten in Red Dwarf and presenting several wildly successful YouTube series (like Carpool and Fully Charged) has just tweeted this intriguing thing: Oooh, exciting. I'm going to try uploading video direct to twitter later on today. New feature. New toys!…

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