How to hack roadsigns to display whatever you like

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You know those signs that litter the hard shoulder of motorways, warning oncoming motorists about ice, or telling them to slow down? Well, if you fancy some fun early one morning, how about hacking one to display something different?

It’s startlingly easy, as this tutorial from iHacked demonstrates. It even gives a password reset method, if the workers have changed the default configuration. What would you change it to say? Suggestions in the comments.

Inside Programmable Road Signs

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Shiny Video Review: Tutorial on how to read Tokyo Flash watches

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We’ve featured Tokyo Flash watches a huge amount both here and on Shiny Shiny, and mentions of how impossible they are to read are always included in the article. So, Susi and I decided to do a tutorial on how to read them, now that they’re available to us in the UK and Europe.

No longer will we have to watch on enviously as Japan enjoys the uber-otaku timepieces, as we’re able to pick up models such as the Retsu and Pimp, in this video, for £75 and £99.90 respectively. Stay tuned for…

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