PS one modded into turntable

James O'Malley Gaming Leave a Comment

How's this for a cool mod? A company called Extreme Consoles has teamed up with Gamesyouloved to turn a PS One - a smaller version of Sony's original console, released a few years after the original, into a DJ turntable. Interestingly to make the conversion, several of the new parts were 3D printed to make…

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10 great retro gadgets up for grabs on eBay

Gerald Lynch Features, Gadgets, Retro gear, Tech Digest news, Top tens 5 Comments

Smartphones, tablets, 3D TVs; who needs em? Back in my day it wasn't about whether or not your mobile could multi-task, but rather if it would fit in your rucksack without the weight of it snapping your spine in two….

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Puma health and fitness orientated solar-cell phone leaked

Gerald Lynch Energy & Efficiency, Health, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 6 Comments

Puma and Sagem are looking to reveal a health-conscious mobile phone at next week's Mobile World Congress, it has has been revealed. By looking through the source code to the phone's teaser site, Mobile Crunch have unearthed a few interesting…

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Cambridge Audio's TT50 turntable is 1960s technology with 2007 looks

Katherine Hannaford Home audio 1 Comment

Turntable-cambridge.jpgAudiophiles who insist on listening to records, and only records: rejoice! Cambridge Audio, those masters of audio, are coming to your rescue by releasing a swanky looking record player that won’t look at all 1960s in your 2007 pad.

The TT50 has been given a makeover with elastomer paint on the acrylic platter and on the all-important arm, non-contact magnetic anti-skate technology should ensure Primal Scream tracks are played…

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