TUMBLR OF THE DAY: Jim'll Paint it – Surreal MS Paint pictures, by request

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"You name it, I'll paint it. On paint". That's the strapline to the Jim'll Paint It tumblr blog, the one thing that's keeping this tired Tech Digest hack chuckling through to the weekend. It's bloody amazing. It's a simple premise…

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Why the future of blogging has to be via smartphones

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Malik believes that we are all creating a lot more content (images, tweets, video etc) these days – whether it be through smartphones, Flips or notebooks. Those tweets, images and emails tell the story our lives and some commentators now call this lifestreaming. That content is then categorised and stored in one of two ways.

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YouTube Hits: documentary about Tumblr and the 'idiots' who use it

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tumblr. – The Documentary from DaveAOK on Vimeo.
Tumblr, for those not in the know, is a micro-blogging platform where you ‘reblog’ things of interest you see around the internet. It’s a fantastic service, although I must admit mine has been rather neglected of late.

This ‘documentary’ is a hilarious look at the site, and the type of people who inhabit it – ‘idiots and arseholes’, apparently. It’s worth a quick look if only for the chuckles you’ll get with the introduction, done in a ‘Look Around You‘ stylee…

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