Nine Inch Nails release 400GB of raw, unedited concert footage for fans to make their own DVD

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If you’re a NIN fan, then you’ve just been handed a massive, if a little belated, Christmas present. Trent Reznor, known for his liberal approach to his intellectual property, has released 400GB of raw, unedited HD video footage shot at three recent shows in Victoria, Portland and Sacremento.

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Radiohead's response to Trent Reznor's 'insincere' taunt? Copy his UGC idea for In Rainbows videos

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Yesterday we told you about NIN front man Trent Reznor’s creative call to arms, giving fans the opportunity to create their own videos for the band’s new album ‘Ghosts I-IV’.

Well, less than a week after Reznor called them ‘insincere’ for the ‘bait and switch’ tactics used in the release of their own record, In Rainbows, Radiohead have taken a leaf out of his book, photocopied it, and started their own UGC competition.

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Trent Reznor expands on his internet prowess, calls upon UGC for Ghosts music videos

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Not a week after releasing his album Ghosts I-IV for free download, Trent Reznor is at it again, giving fans the opportunity to create music videos for the album’s 36 songs.

Via a video on YouTube, Reznor has asked his fans to create videos for the instrumental songs, which will be uploaded to YouTube, and featured in a take-over similar to last week’s Sigur Ros day. Reznor explained “to expand the idea of the “Ghosts” project, we’re inviting anyone and everyone to create visuals to accompany the album’s music. In a few months, we’ll be gathering the entries we feel are particularly exceptional and highlighting them. There are…

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Nine Inch Nails angry-man Trent Reznor releases album online, with optional pricing

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He’s been threatening it for a while, but finally Trent Reznor has put his money where his mouth is, and is ‘doing a Radiohead’ (late-2007’s most popular phrase), by releasing 36 instrumental tracks purely on the internet, with optional price sets.

Most of the casual Nine Inch Nails fans will no doubt go for the freebie option, ‘Ghosts I’, which is the first nine tracks from his Ghosts I-IV collection. They’re available as DRM-free MP3s along with a 40-page PDF. Going up the pricing ladder, for $5 you can buy Ghosts I-IV, which is all 36 tracks, then for a tenner you’ll get a double-disc set with a 16-page booklet, plus a download of the album for lazies who can’t be bothered to rip the CDs. This option won’t be available until April 8th, however.

Now, here’s where the hardcore NiN followers prick up their ears: $75 will secure you the ‘deluxe’ edition of Ghosts I-IV which will…

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Trent Reznor gets even more riled up with music industry, vows to do a Radiohead

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trent-reznor.jpgMy, that Trent Reznor is an awfully angry man. Pretty obvious if you’ve ever heard ‘Burn’ by his band Nine Inch Nails, and if you’ve been following his rants against the music industry recently, where he’s been urging fans to pirate his music rather than actually pay for the ‘overpriced’ CDs themselves.

Reznor has been ranting on the band’s website, and all but said they’re going to follow Radiohead and release their next album exclusively online. With the subject of ‘big news’, he said “Hello everyone. I’ve waited a LONG time to be able to make the following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is a totally free agent, free of any recording contract with any label. I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate…

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Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails urges Australian fans to pirate his CDs

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trent-reznor.jpgAngry-man there, Trent Reznor, from Nine Inch Nails (and that brilliant duet with, cough, David Bowie), can be officially renamed as Piratey-man. Yes, Piratey-man. I’m sure his HARDCORE SCREAMINESS would appreciate the new nickname. Following on from his outburst in China last week where he urged Chinese fans to download his music for free, he’s taken his pro-piracy attack to the sunny beaches Down Under.

During a concert in Australia, he spoke out against Universal Music Australia who are pricing his latest album at $30. “Has the price come down? [crowd: no] Well you know what that means. Steal it. Steal away. Steal, steal and steal some…

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Daily Tech Hotlinks for 13-Sept-07: Google, Mushiking, Revver, Trent Reznor, Yahoo

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– Google’s Larry and Sergey’s annual perks include a NASA-operated private jet runway minutes from their offices (New York Times)
– Increase in illegal stag beetle imports blamed on Japanese arcade game, Mushiking (Kotaku)…

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