St George's Park and the tech-savvy future of the FA's football coaching schools

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While all eyes are on the 2012 Olympics as the nation's favoured sporting occasion for this year, the summer also offers the Euro 2012 international football tournament. After a string of disappointing performances at the top-flight of football for the…

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Brain training games do not make you smarter – FACT

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Nicole Kidman may have been fooled by its cute brain teasing charms, but Tech Digest were never truly convinced. Now there's proof: new research shows that brain training games do not improve your IQ. A scientific study of 11,430…

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Cops wasting time playing video games in the name of "training"

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Police could be taught the differences between good (don’t shoot!) and evil (shoot!) thanks to a new video game created by boffins at Abertay University. The game have been given the superbly functional and utilitarian name of Shoot/No Shoot.

It uses your standard video game light gun. Cops “playing” the experience approach a man who’s fiddling about in his car boot. He then turns to face the camera and… what do you do? Shoot first? Incapacitate him with a bullet to the knee? Go for a safe takedown shot into his chest cavity? Headshot, like in Halo…

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