TRAILER: Star Trek: Into Darkness clip shows Benedict Cumberbatch as creepy high-kicking baddie

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The first trailer for the next installment of J. J. Abrams Star Trek reboot has been released, and it's a killer. Star Trek: Into Darkness is poised for a May 2013 release, and it seriously can't come soon enough. The…

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Black Ops 2: Robert Downey Jr. ditches Iron Man suit for a jet in new trailer

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Activision, obviously paddling around in an ocean full of cash following the continued success of the Call of Duty video games, have employed British Madonna ex and Lock-Stock director Guy Ritchie to direct their latest live action trailer for Black…

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Skyrim PS3 DLC issues "not a problem we're positive we can solve", say Bethesda

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PS3 owners who've bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim haven't had an easy ride. Though an amazing game on other platforms, PlayStation 3 players had to contend with a massively-buggy, game breaking launch that had terrible lag issues, and a…

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VIDEO: Hearthfire revealed as next Elder Scrolls V Skyrim DLC – build your own house, adopt a kid!

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is to get a new batch of DLC on September 4, called Hearthfire. While the previous DLC pack Dawnguard pumped up the combat action by adding vampiric abilities, Hearthfire takes a more leisurely approach to…

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