Logitech roll out Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac and iPad, as well as Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

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Hot on the heels of their Windows 8 range, Logitech throw a pair of new Mac accessories out into the wilds of the pre-Christmas shopping period. Both Mac-focussed takes on ideas already seen in their Windows 8 range, Logitech are…

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New Macbook Pro pics surface

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A few more pictures have surfaced overnight of a next-generation MacBook Pro, complete with shiny glassy screen and a black bezel. Also notable is that the trackpad completely lacks any kind of buttons at all. As someone who always turns off the tap-to-click feature of trackpads, that doesn’t bode well for me. While PCs steadfastly add more and more buttons to mice, Apple is removing its one button…

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Apple intros new MacBooks, and MacBook Pros with multi-touch trackpad and latest Core 2 Duo processors

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Apple has today unveiled six new notebook machines — three MacBooks and three MacBook Pros — all featuring the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and now including the same multi-touch trackpad as found on the MacBook Air.

With speeds of up to 2.5GHz, the new Core 2 Duo chips pack a decent punch. Even the entry level MacBook sports a 2.1GHz processor.

Only the MacBook Pros feature the new multi-touch trackpad, with the MacBooks continuing with the standard scrolling trackpad. The new trackpad gives instant access to features such as pinch, rotate and swipe — great for handling photos.

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