Bop It updated for the download generation

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bop_it_download_firebox_toy.jpgThe highly addictive and frustrating game, Bop It!, has had a makeover for the download generation, to become… Bop It Download!

It features the same gameplay as before, but now allows you to replace that irritating bloke that shouts and screams at you when you “pull it” when you should’ve “twisted it” with your own sounds.

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SEE toys: A range of eco-friendly toys charged by kid-power

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The Zen Design Group is to launch a range of children’s toys which feature LEDs powered by a hand crank that the child operates to provide power to the rechargeable batteries.

SEE Toys (Safety, Ecology, and Economy) include Dynafly, a laughing bug which moves its arms and head and whose eyes and tail light up with LEDs when the crank is turned.

“I wasn’t trying to be trendy,” said company president, Sun Yu. “I looked at my product line one day and thought about how nice it would be to not have to replace and purchase batteries. The product I wanted to make just fit into the times.”

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Style yourself ghetto-fabulous and abuse yourself crazy with Tomy's Mock U Rapper toys

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mock_u_rappers5.jpg If you don’t get abused enough as is in the office environment, then the sadists amongst us will be probably wanting to head over to the Tomy website to pick up one of their new Mock U Rapper toys.

Choose between birds, monkeys or cows, who are all sat in trees bizarrely, and simply record a short message into the device, then et voila! The animals…

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R2D2 mobile media robot – more video footage

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Look at you, being all blase. You’ve seen it all before, haven’t you? Modern cynic. Try taking a look at this. He may be familiar from CES, but we got new footage of the R2D2 mobile media centre at London’s Toy Fair yesterday, and we know you haven’t seen it before.

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CES 2007: WowWee's Robopanda and FlyTech Dragonfly

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WowWee really are excelling themselves at CES this year, the Tech Digest team are not only impressed with the Elvis-bot they’re showing, but the chaps who brought us the Robosapien back in the day have recently given us a sneak peek at a couple of their new products. Firstly, the sweet-as-apple-pie Robopanda has a head-mounted IR sensor, stereo sound, a fair amount of advanced sensors, and the best thing, it also reads bedtime stories, enabling it to be not only toddler-friendly, but busy-parent friendly as well. The next best thing in the line-up is the FlyTech Dragonfly, apparently the ‘world’s first radio-controlled flying insect’, which has 150 feet of wireless range, and can fly for 10 minutes, before needing a charge-up.


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