REVIEW: Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure (Xbox 360)

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After a sterling effort with Disneyland: Kinect Adventures, it's the turn of Pixar's finest characters to take centre-stage on the Xbox 360. Can lightning strike twice for motion-controlled magic?

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UK Review: Toy Story 3 3D

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I have to admit to being a little bit sceptical about the need for another Toy Story film when it was first announced a year or so ago. The first two films are, in my opinion, classics, capturing all…

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Top Ten Must-See 3D films of 2010

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While all eyes are focussed on 3D TV this year, a fat lot of good they will be if all the 3D content that hits them is rubbish. In that sense, it's an incredibly important year for 3D cinema, giving…

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Asus to produce Disney netpal netbook – you know, for kids?

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Asus has teamed up with Disney to make netbook for children called the Netpal. The 8.9-inch machine is targeted at youngsters between 6 and 12 years old and is available from the end of July for $350 from Amazon and Toys R Us.

Like all sub-notebooks, the Netpal’s powered by an Atom processor but this time the Windows XP OS is child friendly and augmented by Disney themes with Mickey Mouse, Cars, Toy Story and WALL-E all featuring.

The Magic Desktop comes with a Disney browser, Disney e-mail and the widget for the Disney Radio station to stream music straight to the computer. There’s Wi-Fi but no 3G which probably is part of supporting the parental controls that also come fitted to make sure that your kids aren’t surfing sites they shouldn’t while away from home.

You get the option of either a 160GB HDD or a 16GB SSD and it’ll weigh a kilo or just over depending on which you opt for. Most importantly though, the Netpal is available in the floral patterned Princess Pink or the Mickey Mouse themed Magic Blue.

It all sounds slightly sickly sinister to me but try telling your children that.

(via USA Today)

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