Acer launch multi-touch twisting 3G Aspire Timeline 1825PT

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Acer have announced the launch of the Aspire Timeline 1825PT laptop. With a twisting screen that lets it fold down into a multi-touch tablet, it's looking like one of the most powerful laptops we've seen so far with this form…

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Nokia to focus on touchscreen and QWERTY keypad phones in 2010, but will keep Symbian

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Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo has been giving some hints about the direction of the company and top of the agenda are more touchscreen and/or QWERTY keypad phones. At its annual Capital Markets Day in Helsinki Kallasvuo also promised to focus on the user experience an area where Nokia has fallen a long way behind rivals like Apple and Motorola.

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Sony prepping touch screen, wi-fi, 16 and 32GB WALKMAN-brand media player

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Sony is preparing to jump on the touchable media player bandwagon, according to sources, with an all singing, all dancing, all touching PMP set to be unveiled at this coming January’s Consumer Electronic Show tech binge.

The WALKMAN-badged player will, so some bloke on the internet told some other bloke on the internet, have a 3″ OLED screen for super-nice colour reproduction and long enough battery life to watch…

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Microsoft revealing "technical information" regarding Windows 7 in October, says W7 dev blog

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Fantastic. Just when we’ve finally turned off everything in Vista, deleted half of it and got it working and looking something like good old XP again, Microsoft starts preparing to change the game once more.

According to the nerds working on it, MS will “provide in-depth technical information” regarding the…

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Touch-screenless Nokia N95 hacked with NeuScreen multi-touch screen

Katherine Hannaford Mobile phones, Video Reviews 2 Comments

The N95 may be one of the closest handsets to rival the iPhone in terms of applications, however it lacks one rather important element: a touch-screen. Sure, we may be seeing a touch-screen mobile from Nokia later in the year, but who knows if it will have the same amount of beef inside it as the N95.

That’s why we’re so thrilled with developer Sittiphol Phanvilai, who has modded an N95 with multi-touch. Using a TV Out, UV lightpens, a flat-screen monitor and UV-filtering film, you can see the awesome results in the video above….

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