The Stig to appear at Gadget Show Live to promote AlcoDigital breathalyser test

Chris Price Gadget Shows, Motoring 1 Comment

In what has to be fantastic timing given the interest in Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear at the moment (can't think why), Ben Collins, otherwise known as The Stig, is to appear at this year's Gadget Show Live at the NEC on April 7th. The show sees breathalyser company AlcoDigital andCollins launch the UK’s largest…

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Top Gear’s former Stig ‘terrified’ by driverless cars

Stuart O'Connor Motoring, TV 1 Comment

You would think that the only thing that would terrify Top Gear's former Stig Ben Collins would have been having to work with Jeremy Clarkson. Now the former test driver for the BBC motoring show has described the prospect of driverless cars as terrifying, saying that "robots are fantastic as dishwashers but they don't make…

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HANDS-ON: James May "Science Stories" augmented reality Science Museum tour app

Gerald Lynch Android apps, Features, iPad apps, iPhone apps, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Augmented reality hits the Science Museum! No, we're not relegating AR as a dusty curio of tech gone by, but instead talking about the "Science Stories" app, which we had the privilege of trying out before the general public today….

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BBC to put Top Gear on YouTube. Let's hope Richard Hammond doesn't crash your browser.

James O'Malley Vehicles, Web 2.0, Websites Leave a Comment


Some say that his 19th century views on environmentalism and global warming are pushing millions of viewers down the path of climate change scepticism, and some say that his incendiary views are designed to cause a stir and causes people like me to write about them… all we know is that he’s called Jeremy Clarkson.

If you’re a fan of party-political broadcasts for the Conservative party presented by ill-informed controversialists who probably do actually use the phrase “political correctness gone mad” without irony, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the BBC has launched a Top Gear YouTube channel.

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BBC launches widgets for Radio Times, Good Food, and Top Gear web sites

Andy Merrett Web 2.0 2 Comments

bbc_top_gear_widget.pngThe BBC is certainly keen to get their content out beyond the gogglebox in the living room. Last month, they put classic TV clips on MySpaceTV, they’ve put classic Parkinson and EastEnders on YouTube, and their iPlayer is booming, so it’s probably no surprise that they’ve now developed widgets which can be used on the desktop, on social networking sites, and popular blog platforms.,, and, all now provide widgets which give regular feeds of the latest news and information.

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