TomTom GPS to feature live video tips?

Gary Cutlack Satellite Navigation systems Leave a Comment

tomtom-patent.pngA recent patent filed by lost driver saviour TomTom shows the company is planning to include a video camera in its next-gen GPS devices.

The video footage will then be whacked on the satnav device’s screen, with the gadget drawing a digital line over the top of the video feed. Follow the line and you won’t get lost. Simple.

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Vodafone and TomTom team up for traffic information system

Stuart Dredge Mobile phones, Satellite Navigation systems Leave a Comment

tomtom.jpgLocation and navigation based services are increasingly important to the mobile operators, particularly as GPS starts making its way into phones like Nokia’s N95. Vodafone knows this, which is why it’s announced a new partnership with satnav firm TomTom to develop a new traffic information service.

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