Think Geek reveal Portal 2 bookends for your test chamber

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Experiencing some cognitive deterioration? That's probably because you're not reading enough books. Know why you're not reading enough books? You don't have your library sandwiched between these nifty Portal 2 bookends. Available now over at Think Geek, they take the…

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Puzzle your groupies with ThinkGeek's Air Musician Virtual Guitar watch

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air-musician-virtual-guitar.jpgIt’s no Guitar Hero II: Legends of Rock, but the Air Musician Virtual Guitar over at ThinkGeek will have you belting out the notes in no time.

It’s dead easy to use too, by the looks of things. All you need to do is strap it to your wrist, select a song, and off you go. With…

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OCD sufferers, rejoice: ThinkGeek now stocking the electronic bubble wrap popping keychain!

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electronic-key-chain.jpgRemember that awesome electronic bubble-wrap popper game from Bandai, the Mugen Puchi Puchi, which up until now was only available in Japan? Time to head on over to ThinkGeek, and purchase one, as the US purveyors of electronic and geek tat have come to the rescue yet again.

In case you need a reminder, the keychain device contains eight rubbery buttons in the shape of bubble-wrap bubbles. When…

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ThinkGeek solves your lost mobile phone worries, with the SIM card back-up machine

Katherine Hannaford Mobile phones 1 Comment

think-geek-sim-card.jpgGroups are springing up across Facebook asking for friends’ phone numbers faster than you exit the site when your boss walks past – all because people foolishly lose all their contacts’ details when they lose their phones on a boozy night out. You know what I’m talking about.

Thankfully this device will help cleanse Facebook of all those ubiquitous groups, courtesy of those brain-champs, ThinkGeek. It…

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Think Geek's Star Wars slippers demand you choose between forces

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star-wars-slippers.jpgI love how these Star Wars slippers from ThinkGeek epitomises geekiness in every extremity. Can you imagine sitting back, playing Lego Star Wars on your PS2, and having these bad boys warming your tootsies up?

As with all decisions you make in life, there’s the good and the bad option – do you sheath your feet in Jed-friendly Yodas, or evil Sith-like Darth Vaders? The decisions, the decisions. After you’ve tossed up the pros…

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Animated Transformers t-shirts, not quite as cool as *actually* transforming obviously!

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Four more days until the Transformers film launches in the UK! Four more days until we can feast our (sadly) mortal eyes on what is definitely the movie of the year! Well, apart from The Simpsons movie, of course. Gaaahhh I can hardly wait!

Pledge your alliance to either the Autobots or Decepticons with these animated t-shirts ($34.99) from the nerd equivalent of Ralph Lauren, Think Geek. Each t-shirt lights up…

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Think Geek's cellphone signal extender gives you bars when you are lacking

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thinkgeekmobile.jpg I’m sure most people have had calls drop on them occasionally when in their house, whether that be due to tin roofs, interference from other electrical goods, or down to you living out in the sticks, far removed from civilisation (and a telephone pylon)…

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