Retro Thing release classic USB Joystick. Take that, evil space invaders!

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You can shove your PS3s and Xbox 360s; put yourself in front of a classic Galaxian arcade cabinet and watch as it devourers all the silver in your pockets with old-school gaming joy. Emulators like MAME may keep your piggybank…

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The mysterious thing called "Luminodot" that we would very much like to have

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It’s manufactured by Bandai, released in Japan, available to buy on Amazon Japan and, according to this site, seems to be a modern remake of an old Bandai toy called the Neon Brute.

Those are the only in-English facts we’ve been able to track down regarding this fascinating little device called Luminodot. Regardless of the lack of information, we’re feeling a significant amount of desire for this. Look at it. We would like a Luminodot based simply on how nice its case is and all the pretty colours.


It seems to be powered by you putting little plastic pegs into holes, creating a sort of neon Etch-a-Sketch…

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The Jellyfish 45 Habitat fantasy future underwater love hotel

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alt="jellyfish-45-habitat.jpg" src="" width="190" height="184" />Not entirely sure what the best way to describe this is for the purposes of Google search rankings.

The Jellyfish 45 Habitat is part submarine and part boat, it’s an open plan living space, it’s a sort of underwater palace for a James Bond villain…

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