Tado announces second generation of smart thermostat

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Smart thermostat Tado - a firm favourite of TechDigest - has announced the second generation of its hardware, adding physical controls and a display to the case. The new box adds buttons to shift the temperature up and down, as well as an LED-matrix display for displaying the actual temperature. And yet it still looks…

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Review: British Gas Remote Heating Control

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Name: British Gas Remote Heating Control  Type: Remote heating control system Specifications: Click here for full specs Price as reviewed: £199.99 (British Gas customers), £229.99 (non British Gas customers) British Gas has come up with a complete solution to…

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Ecobee – a Wi-Fi thermostat

Duncan Geere Energy systems, Furnishings & Furniture, Home Appliances 11 Comments


We’ve all been there. Sat, just after midnight at your PC, shivering because the heating’s not on. You wrap a blanket around you, but you know that at some point you’ll need to turn the heating on, because you’re nowhere near done with your work for the evening.

What you need is something that will save you getting up, because getting up is cold. You need the Ecobee – a Wi-Fi thermostat. It syncs with a web server, so you can control your heating from afar – turn it on before you leave work, for example. It could even adjust the heating depending on what the weather conditions are like outside – if it knows there’s a cold snap coming, for example…

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