Hacking the hackers: LulzSec strike at News International

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LulzSec, the computer hacking collective thought to have disbanded after hitting a string of high profile targets including Sony, have returned to strike at News International in protest towards the recent phone hacking scandal. Targetting The Sun newspaper's website, the…

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Top 5 choc-tastic and egg-citing Easter gadgets

Jonathan Weinberg Gadgets, Top Fives 1 Comment

IT'S Easter this weekend – so what better way to celebrate than with CHOCOLATE! Yes, it's the one time of the year we can all over-indulge without being accused of pigging out, well, assuming you don't go overboard and raid Woolworths on Monday for all those bargain-basement eggs that didn't sell in time for Easter Sunday.

Not that I've ever done that you understand (but you can get some egg-cedingly cheap deals). Oh no, the puns and jokes have started. Anyway, to help you get in the mood, here's our Tech Digest Top 5 Easter-related gadgets to get you really egg-cited. Sorry…

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Opinion: Manhunt 2's release will kill the current video games classifications

Jonathan Weinberg Columns & Opinion, Gaming 1 Comment


Jonathan Weinberg writes…

It’s a row that’s been rolling on for far too long. It’s a row that does nothing to help the perception of gaming among wider society. And it’s a row that is going to run and run for quite some time yet.

Rockstar has now finally overturned a ban that meant it was unable to release Manhunt 2 in the UK. But while that’s good news for the firm, for gaming itself, this whole bloody saga is just another nail in the coffin of gaming.

The media is already far too focused on the negatives – the violence, the calls to ban so-called “killer games” and the conflicts over having a voluntary code to provide an age rating for the majority of titles.

Occasionally a positive story will slip through, like the OAPs playing Wii to keep in shape, but on the whole, games are treated with far more disdain than rap music and horror movies, both of which have had their fare share of criticism in the past….

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Opinion: Manchester United's move into mobile gaming is a winner

Jonathan Weinberg Columns & Opinion, Gaming, Mobile phones 2 Comments

ManUGame.jpgManchester United has signed a deal to produce six mobile phone games based on the megabucks club – and it’s got to be a good forward-thinking move for a side with such a wide-ranging reach.

Teaming up with an Indian firm called Jump Games, the £3 titles will be a mixture of puzzles and ball skill-style efforts with the first out in April as a brain-busting word quiz.

It’ll use phrases associated with Man U, presumably the likes of trophies, pizza and karate kicks, that players will have to find on grids. It sounds the right kind of thing for a portable game and the association with the Premier League champions is sure to see it sell well…

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Taint your pure Nintendo DS with a smutty crossword puzzle game from The Sun

Katherine Hannaford Gaming Leave a Comment

the-sun-DS-game.jpgGoodness knows what kind of words would appear in a crossword puzzle in jubblies-filled newspaper The Sun, but chances are, they’d be decidedly NSFW. Or kids, who are the primary demographic for the Nintendo DS.

Chances are though, under 18s wouldn’t be interested in purchasing The Sun’s foray into the gaming world, as…

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