Chinese cinemas post text messages on-screen during movies

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We've all been there – getting annoyed with stupid people who insist on using their phones while watching a film in a cinema. But now some cinemas in China are actually encouraging such anti-social behaviour. Cinemas in Beijing, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities are experimenting with “bullet screens” on which members of the audience can…

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Texting on the Tube made possible? Teenage inventor builds low-frequency radio for underground communications

Gerald Lynch Features, Science, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

We've all been there; on the phone, on the verge of breaking the meaning of life during the daily commute when your train hits a tunnel and your signal cuts out. We can send a man to the moon, but…

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Textecution – an extremely clever mobile app that stops you texting while you're driving

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So, go on then, guess how a mobile phone app can tell if you’re driving or not? Speed of texting? Pauses while texting? More errors than usual? Drastic directional adjustments detected by the iPhone’s accelerometer as you hastily steer away from the bus stop, off the pavement and back onto the road?

Nope – Texecution uses GPS to locate the position of your phone, and therefore you, deactivating the phone’s SMS features when you seem to be moving at more than 10mph.

There is, of course, an override function for when you’re a passenger, on buses and trains, or running really fast…

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Mail Goggles for Gmail – preventing email disasters since 2008

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Gmail’s “Labs” functionality has been underutilized a little, of late. Since the big fanfare when it was released, there haven’t been too many new plugins released. That’s why I’m delighted to reveal that Google has enabled a “Mail Googles” feature, designed to stop you sending emails when drunk…

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Ryanair: In-flight mobile phone calls possible within weeks

Duncan Geere Mobile phones, Transport 1 Comment


You know the drill. When you get on a plane, it’s all “Seatbacks up!”, ”
Stow your tray tables!”, “The exits are here, here, and here!”, and “For the love of god, turn your phone off!”. Well, perhaps not any longer. Ryanair have outfitted ten of their planes with the capability to allow you to make in-flight phone calls.

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