Japanese technology industry may take months to recover from quake damage

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The disaster in Japan is wreaking havoc with industrial manufacturing and supply, with reports from technology companies suggesting it will take months to get back on track. Japan manufactures around 15% of the technology that goes into our gadgets,…

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MWC 2010: Day 3 Round Up

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Day 3 of MWC 2010 draws to a close, and today surprisingly saw quite a few animal-inspired devices. Obviously yesterday we had the Puma Phone, but today saw Sonim launch the XP2 Spirit with its sturdy sheet of protective "Gorilla…

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MWC 2010: Texas Instruments OMAP4 Blaze prototype packs in Android, dual-screens and a projector

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Here's one of the crazier items we've seen come out of Mobile World Congress this week, the Texas Instruments OMAP4 Blaze prototype. At first glance it looks like an oversized Blackberry, what with its curved shape and bottom set keyboard….

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SIM2 intros C3X LUMIS HOST high definition projector

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Italian high-end projector manufacturer SIM2 has announced what is probably its most advanced, sleekest-looking high definition cinema projector to date.

The C3X LUMIS HOST builds on the standards set with the Grand Cinema C3X Series, boasting an amazing 35,000:1+ contrast ratio, dynamic iris, DynamicBlack technology and a new “dimmable” lamp…

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Mobile phone projectors COMING SOON – Texas Instruments says end of 2008

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Awesome. Just what we need. Another XXXXing way for XXXing inconsiderate complete XXXing XXXXs to XXXXing invade our XXXXing personal XXXXing space while on the XXXXing bus. Or on the XXXXing tube.

As if the tinny sounds of MP3s ringing out of cheap Chinese speakers everywhere you go nowadays wasn’t bad enough, Texas Instruments is about to UNLEASH HELL – and bring fully-functional projection cameras to mobile phones before the end of 2008.

John Van Scoter, company senior vice president of TI’s projection business, reckons that companies are already building devices using the TI Pico projector – and they’ll be ready…

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MWC 2008: Texas Instruments showing off Google's Android TODAY! And a prototype handset…

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texas-instruments-google-android-phone.jpgGood old Texas Instruments, which isn’t just there for the boring things in life like calculators, is showing off its Google Android developments at the Mobile World Conference. Which is happening today. It’s happening RIGHT NOW, in fact.

Texas Instruments will also be demonstrating an Android-powered handset based on its OMAP850 processor – a clever little multi-core chip for mobile devices that also includes Wilreless LAN and Bluetooth tech as standard. TI’s prototype Google Phone will allow “one button access” to stuff like your web browser, email and no doubt the omnipresent Google Maps…

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CES 2008: IZ3D gaming monitor pwns 3D plasmas

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Tucked away in the Microsoft stand at CES, a company called IZ3D is showing off the world’s first 3D gaming monitor. There’s been a lot of 3D news floating around the show this year thanks to the Texas Instruments DLP announcement and the compatible Samsung plasma screens that will be debuting the technology later in the year. IZ3D’s screens are way better though and here’s why:

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CES 2008: Texas Instruments DualView technology spells death for split screen gaming (in a good way)

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Co-op gaming has been on the rise over the past couple of years as there’s nothing better than buddying up with a friend to take on the armies of evil. The problem is that if you actually want to be sat beside your friend while you play, you’re going to have to sacrifice half of your screen just so they can see what they’re doing. Selfish bastards. Well not anymore. Texas Instruments is showcasing a new screen technology that displays two separate image sources at the same time on a DLP HDTV screen, meaning that each player can enjoy full screen gaming whilst sat beside and watching the same TV as their partner.

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