Almost half of Britons watch mostly time-shifted TV

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Technology has really changed how people watch television. About a fifth of all TV viewing is now time-shifted – either from the DVR or via video-on-demand, Virgin Media found in a study based on data from more than 2.3 million set-top boxes. And, according to the research, almost half (43 per cent) of people mostly…

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Britons still prefer to watch television live – on their TVs

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As our "second" screens get smaller while our TV screens get larger, it seems that the old adage that "bigger is better" just might hold true. Some new research has shown that despite the growth in watching television via a PC, tablet or smartphone, 90 per cent of viewers still regularly use the TV to…

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Rip-off Britain: UK shoppers pay more for technology

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It's something that people in the UK have always suspected, but now Which? has made it official – Britons pay far more for new technology products than consumers in the US. The consumer watchdog compared the prices, excluding tax, of 13 identical products ranging from televisions and games consoles to desktop applications and security software and…

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What do I need to know about wireless broadband from Virgin Media?

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Sponsored postThe best and most modern broadband is that which is wireless. In an age where not just your computer, but your phone, tablet and laptop are all connected to the internet, getting the right wireless broadband is essential. Yet…

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RUMOUR: Apple iTV set design in early testing stage, but still "isn't a formal project"

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Apple's often-rumoured TV set may finally be on the verge of becoming a real project, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The strongest indication yet that such a device actually exists (Journal supply chain reports tend…

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